THERE ARE NO SAFE Vaccines: A mother’s story of saving her 2 month old baby’s life after vaccination

“We spoke with her pediatrician for what seemed like an
eternity. We asked him what he thought she should get and he suggested
DTaP and Pneumococcal. He also made it a point to say that she will
probably have a sore spot on each leg and MAYBE a fever. At no time
did he say she would stop breathing or have seizures ect. This is a
huge problem with Doctor/ Patient relationship. Its important that new
parents understand the dangers vaccine ingredients cause to the human
body. Not knowing any better we decided to go ahead trusting him when
he said it would be two sore spots and maybe a fever. The nurse came
in and jabbed each leg. I cried harder than she did but it wasn’t long
after she developed that high pitched scream”

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