Premature Babies are getting the same vaccine doses as full term


According to a fact sheet published by the University of Auckland, premature babies weighing as little as seventeen ounces are supposed to be vaccinated with same dose of vaccines given to an adult. The vaccination schedule is not being adjusted in any way and does not take into consideration a premature baby’s fragility or their weight.

Their decision has left many professionals questioning whether or not the “one-size-fits-all” vaccination policy is really suitable for premature babies, given the fact that many of them are not yet medically stable.

The University of Auckland believes that no changes are needed and recommends that the vaccination schedule should not be adjusted. They insist that these fragile babies should be vaccinated according to their chronological age, rather than their due date, and that they should be vaccinated in line with the vaccination schedule set by the government.

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VLA comment:  Just goes to show you the lack of common sense and how you cannot trust the establishment whether it be the pharmacuetically tied CDC or the establishment brain washed and under educated physician.  You must do your own thinking.  How does one give a Hepatitis B vaccine, full dose, to a premature infant at 12 hours old.  Besides that Hep B is for a sexually transmitted liver disease-why would you give it to an infant in the first place?

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