Rhode Island to mandate HPV vaccine for all 7th graders


Rhode Island to mandate HPV vaccine for all 7th graders

PROVIDENCE — Starting this fall, seventh-graders in all public and private schools will be required to get a vaccine that protects against a sexually transmitted virus linked to various genital cancers, especially cervical cancer in women.

Students who fail to get the vaccine for HPV — or the human papillomavirus — will be precluded from attending school unless their parents seek an exemption for medical or religious reasons. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted virus in the United States.  Read more….

VLA Comment:  Go to our room (categories) on the right and click GARDASIL to see deadly personal stories of teenage girls who got the vaccine.  Watch Gardasil Primer too!  In 2016 we will see a tsunami of bills to follow the California law that takes away personal and religious waivers.  Click our campaign strategy.

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