Senior Citizen Pneumonia Vaccine 75-99% INEFFECTIVE


Medical mafia promoting pneumococcal vaccine it knows is 99.9 percent ineffective

The CDC claims on its website that “[i]n a study including approximately 85,000 adults 65 years or older in the Netherlands, PCV13 was 75% effective at preventing invasive pneumococcal disease and 45% effective at preventing pneumococcal pneumonia caused by the serotypes included in the vaccine” and that “Pneumovax®, the pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine that includes 23 serotypes, has been shown to be 50-85% effective in preventing invasive disease caused by those 23 serotypes in adults with healthy immune systems.” Curiously, it doesn’t make these studies available.

David Brownstein, M.D., notes on his blog: “The JAMA article (states), “Based on the immunogenicity studies and CAPITA, one model estimates that {the number needed to vaccinate was 27,800}.” That means, to prevent one case of invasive pneumococcal disease, you need to vaccinate 27,800 subjects. In other words, the vaccine failed 99.99% of the subjects who received it (27,799/27,800). To prevent community acquired pneumonia, the number-needed to vaccinate was 1,620. At least the numbers are better here—the vaccine only failed 99.94% of those who took it (1,619/1,620).  Read more…

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