Study: (Cytochrome P450) Interaction between vaccines and drugs

Date: 05 Dec 2013


On the possible interaction between vaccines and drugs

Reduction in the hepatic cytochrome P450 system activity has been described after a vaccination in previous studies.

Moreover, it is unclear how the effects of vaccines on hepatic cytochrome P450 system activity affect patients who present risk factors such as age or genetic predisposition.  Abstract

VLA Comment:  The study was done regarding the effect of vaccination on patients taking drugs.  Apparently, associated with vaccination, the vaccination interfered in Cytochrome P450 metabolism.  Hence, after vaccination, the metabolism (detoxing the various drugs out of the body) slowed down resulting in the drug remaining in the body. The conclusion intimates that vaccination has a relationship to Cytochrome P450.

2 thoughts on “Study: (Cytochrome P450) Interaction between vaccines and drugs

  1. Ken Bauer

    Regarding your Mobile Fleet Campaign: “The Greatest Lie Ever Told …That Vaccines are Safe and Effective”

    Look up the FDA’s definition of “safe” and “effective” before spreading your own lies.
    Nothing is 100% safe and nothing is 100% effective. You are close to 100% close minded though.

    There are risks and benefits for FDA regulated drug products. If the benefit greatly outweigh the risk the FDA will approve the entity. As with all approvals there are exceptions. Ask the FDA for the raw data do not rely on 2nd or 3rd parties spreading propaganda based on ‘massaged’ data.

  2. Editor Post author

    Did you notice the HEAR THIS WELL channel…100 parents who testify that right after the last vaccine their kids lost contact with reality. These are thrown away by the establishment as “anecdotal” as if the word means “not important and incidental”. Yet fraudulent studies by the manufactures that are rubber stamped by the FDA (they don’t do their own studies but rely on the manufacturer) are approved. Where is your common sense? 53 vaccine doses given to a child by the time they are six years old…4 in-utero with no basis in science. If Josef Mengele did this to the Jewish children, the holocaust crowd would really have a field day. And how can you “believe” the CDC after you read this experiment on the pregnant population in the 2009/10 H1N1 Pandemic and the COVER UP. Very interesting reading.

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