Texas Ministry Under Scrutiny: 21 Measles outbreak: 6 Vaccinated

mzl.ufvgkmhs.175x175-75Of the 21 people who contracted measles linked to the church, 16 were unvaccinated. The others may have had at least one vaccination, but had no documentation. Read article…

VLA comment:  The 6 vaccinated cases are hardly mentioned as it pertains to the whole concept of the vaccine’s “effectiveness”.  Not mentioned also is that people who choose not to vaccinate actually encourage their children to catch the measles so that they have life long (emphasis) added immunity and develop a strong immunological system to fight other infectious diseases. Again, never mentioned is the fact that the vaccine measles virus is found in the guts of children with Autism caused by the MMR vaccine as found by Dr. Andrew Wakefield who has been royally crucified by the establishment in an attempt by the establishment to save the vaccine program from absolute ruin. On the contrary they continue to perpetuate the myth of Dr. Wakefield for their own ends.   The good news is the churches like this have taken a stand albeit under the radar until something like this gets the establishments attention.  It is too bad that the church doesn’t take a stronger stand by revealing the truth about wanting to have their children contract the measles…and welcome measles parties like the rest of us!  Read Dr. Rudolf Steiner (Founder of Waldorf schools & Biodynamic Agriculture & 1900s Christian mystic ; Madam Blavatsky (Founder of Theosophy) and Annie Besant (President of the early Theosophical Society) have to say about vaccines!

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