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The Debate: 3 video proofs: Hillary’s debate was pre-staged


Sources are now reporting that Hillary Clinton was given the debate questions a week in advance. https://conservativedailypost.com/debate-was-staged-hillary-given-questions-weeks-in-advance/

Reports are arguing that an NBC Intern was seen delivering a package to Clinton’s campaign headquarters in New York. Given Hillary’s troubles with emails, it makes perfect sense that they would deliver their information by hand to avoid hacking or getting caught. It is being reported that the Intern walked into the headquarters, and went directly into the personal office of Clinton campaign manager Robert Mook. The Intern was spotted wearing a FedEx outfit, but a reporter working with Fox News recognized her and immediately reported what he saw. When the Fox News reporter raised questions, Clinton’s staff called him “ignorant” and ushered him out of the office and away from their building. The Fox News reporter argues that he stuck around and did not see a FedEx truck anywhere in sight the entire time.


Just look at the first few minutes…at least til 4:20.  One of Hillary’s men (white hair & mustache) sneaks back and forth then finds the opportunity to take something out of the podium will be covered by Bill & Hillary.

3)  VIDEO #2 Same man (white hair & mustache) takes Hillary’s note pad and covertly gives it to Lester Holt.

start at 3:38 The same man take Hillary’s notes out of her podium, waits until he make eye contact with Holt and then slips him Hillary’s notes.


4) VIDEO #3 Hillary had what is alleged to be a specific antenna under her pants suit:

Watch the video.  The investigator has come to the conclusion that Hillary is wearing wireless gear that runs an antennae up her back and ends at her neck.  He suggests that due to her relationship with companies like Google, she has 2 flat buds on her scalp/occipital lobe, hidden by her hairdo,  with an antennae running up her spine in order to have a secure frequency/secure line .

5) Darpa: Contact lens?

Now for the first time, the Lame Cherry will explain what Mrs. Clinton was reacting to. She did not have an earwig as in the first debate, but instead had an advanced in production contact lens which literally was running like a teleprompter.
That is why the sentences were in bursts and complete. It was the exact pattern of a United Nations translator which everyone has heard, when you are being fed one line of information and you have to speak it.

This is termed augmented contact lenses, and are in production and DARPA or the futurist military development group has been developing even more advanced systems for years.

US military developing multi-focus augmented reality contact

US military developing multi-focus augmented reality contactlenses; US military developing multi-focus augmented realitycontact … Beyond military applications, …
DARPA sets sights on high-tech contactlenses – Phys.org
… company specializing in display technology based on eyewear andcontact lenses has sealed … on high-tech contact lenses … sets designed for the military.