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Depression/Anxiety: Professionals World Wide blame Aluminum in Vaccines!


Depression is on the rise around the world and, according to one author, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that approximately 300 million people worldwide suffer from this debilitating disorder

Author, Amy Morin, LCSW, wrote in her article, Depression Statistics Everyone Should Know, that in the United States alone, 16.2 million adults have experienced a major depressive episode in the past year.

Dr.Kelly Brogan’s  paper outlined the strong possibility that the aluminum adjuvant that is currently being used in at least 18 childhood vaccinations may be responsible for the increase in long-term brain inflammation, neurological complications and autoimmunity. She stated that:

“One of the most relevant aluminum-containing vaccines is Gardasil, responsible for more than 34000 reported adverse events,and now Gardasil 9, which contains twice the aluminum dose (ie, now with 500 μg per 3 recommended doses).”


Depression caused by vaccination (inflammation)-then suicide by prescription drugs


In general, although depression is a disorder that is usually associated with adults, a growing number of children are also being diagnosed with this debilitating disorder. The Depression Perception website have stated that, approximately 2.5% of all US children suffer from depression and according to their statistics, childhood depression is on the increase.

They wrote:

“In 1997, suicide was the leading cause of death of 10 to 24-year-olds and in 2000 it was the 3rd leading cause of death among 15 to 24 year olds. All too often suicide is the result of extended periods of depression.”

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