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VICTORY: Indiana bill to vaccinate healthcare workers KILLED


SB 162 would have mandated MMR, Varicella, TDap, & yearly flu shots, not just for nurses; for everyone who works in a hospital or hospital-owned clinic. It included volunteers, students, office workers, valet parking attendants, and also included contractors. Basically anyone who ever set foot in a hospital or clinic in any work-related capacity.
There was no provision for titer tests. Hospitals could add additional vaccines to the required list at any time. Anyone who refused could be fired with no recourse.
From what we were told, SB 162 in Indiana was the test case for similar bills waiting to be introduced in 13 other states.

VLA COMMENT:  The passage last year of the California bill that mandates that daycare workers, owners and volunteers must be vaccinated set the precedence that government can mandate vaccines to private industry.  As  the medical cabal gets more and more evil they have the audacity to try to mandate 8 vaccine doses, not just the flu shot which was the “toe in the water”.   Although in the past private industry has gotten away with “NO SHOT, NO JOBS”, the California law and this bill gave and would give the power to the government to mandate vaccines or NO JOB!.