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Sudden Infant Death and the vaccine INFANTRIX


VLA comment:  Here is the clearly unpleasant sleeping position that is not recommended by the medical establishment.  Notice how unhappy and distraught this child is in this position.  According to the establishment this position can bring on a sudden infant death.  Better to lay your baby on its back so it can flail around helplessly, according to the establishment.

The fact is, Sudden Infant death is caused by vaccines  and if you vaccinate your child and attack its immature immune system, lying the baby on its stomach must have something to do with he depressed respiratory system and an inability for the baby to raise its head because of inflammation.  Still, we are expected to believe SIDS is caused by simply laying your baby on its stomach. How dumb do they think we are?

The decelerating incremental-deaths further supports the contention that there is a clear relationship of ‘sudden death’ to the vaccination episode. In the reporting period, one must conclude that Infanrix hexa vaccine could have been responsible for at least 69 deaths.

Read Pub Med…Abstract and Comment by Dr. Joseph Pulyel

VLA Comment:  Dr. Pulyel invites the authors of this Infantrix study to review his comments and to post their review on PubMed Commons.