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Children Around the World Vaccinated at Gunpoint

Children Around the World Vaccinated at Gunpoint


The Guardian is reporting that health officials in Pakistan are arresting and throwing into jail hundreds of parents who refuse to allow their children to receive the oral polio vaccine. These health officials are forcing children to receive the vaccine at gunpoint.

The Guardian reports:

Feroz Shah, a spokesman for the district administration in Peshawar, said 471 people had been imprisoned in the city and surrounding villages under government orders on charges of endangering public security.

Parents targeted by police were not arrested if they agreed to vaccinate their children, said Shakirullah Khan, a senior police officer in Peshawar.


VLA COMMENT:  Cleary there is no concern from the establishment or GAVI (Bill Gates foundation) for the 48,000 cases of Polio in India derived from the Polio vaccine