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Green Beret beats up Afghan Police Commander for raping child

Here is more socially acceptable atrocities in Afghanistan condoned by Afghanistan police.  VLA Comment:  We cannot spend our tax dollars to protect Afghanistan by allowing our military to turn their heads to rape.  Our Afghan associates must hold to higher human standards if they want USA Aid and military support.

Mob Kills Eloped Lovers After Storming Afghan Police Station

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12 year old rape case…Hillary Clinton (must see…VERY WELL DONE)

Add this to the vast amount of alleged suicides and murders related to Bill Clinton and his brother, cocaine addicts, drug smuggling, money laundering. It is easy for the Clintons to whack their enemies with their life long association with gangster drug pins. Sure Hillary protect women and children… Here is one of her first offenses…and then there is the women Bill Clinton raped in the Whitehouse of which she defamed.