Go Strong Woman, Go (Southpark Animation)

House Passes Bill Barring Transgender Athletes From Women’s Sports (ALL VOTING DEMOCRATS OPPOSED)

WATCH Ron DeSantis HILARIOUS commercial release on Transgender athletes



LEFT PHOTO: HE/SHE is 2nd in charge of Human Health Services (HHS) pushing transgenderism nationally.

RIGHT PHOTO:  He was in charge of Nuclear wastes until he was fired for stealing women’s clothing/luggage at airports.

Below all this Transgender acceleration came under the Obama/Biden administration

Who are the real parents of Michael and Barack Obama?

Court Victory against Biden’s Transgender Extremism

Above:  Transgender Teachers

Attorney General Todd Rokita wins legal victory in battle against Biden’s transgender extremism

Attorney General Todd Rokita notched a victory for common sense and the rule of law on Friday when a U.S. district court barred the Biden administration from enforcing federal “guidance” to coerce schools and employers to kowtow to transgender extremism.

In June of 2021, the Biden administration issued directives through the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) that purported to resolve highly controversial issues such as whether schools and employers must allow individuals to use public bathrooms and showers of their choice — regardless of biological sex — and require use of people’s preferred pronouns.

ROKITA Preliminary Injunction Order in Title IX case

Army Mandatory Training Requires Soldiers To Shower With Transgender People Of Opposite Sex

Army Mandatory Training Requires Soldiers To Shower With Transgender People Of Opposite Sex

The United States is being destroyed within as Democrats intentionally demoralize U.S. service members. The Army is being instructed during training to shower with transgender members of the opposite sex including those who have not surgically transitioned.  READ MORE...

Transgender girl….adorable…and so smart

This short film is certainly a testimony of the reality of a physiological boy who identifies as a girl in this Christian family.

VLA Comment:

Transgender identity; homosexuality, in many observations, is a result of toxic agriculture causing hormonal disruption in the growing fetus. In Italy and Greece, it was the metal lead, as a hormonal disruptor, in the plumbing of the rich that caused the wave of homosexuality in those countries. Documented extensively by the late Peter Montague of Rachel’s Hazzardous newsletter, homosexuality and now the advanced burden of gender dysphoria has its roots in toxic agriculture. Virtually no one is looking to the Cause.

Japan Supreme Court: Transgenders to be sterilized before their gender can be official changed of documents

Japan’s supreme court upheld a law that requires transgenders to be sterilized before their gender can be changed on official documents. The law also requires the person to have “a body which appears to have parts that resemble the genital organs of those of the opposite gender.” The panel of four justices said the measure was intended to prevent problems in parent-child relations that could lead to societal confusion. In other words, the court was trying to raise the barrier to legal recognition of gender contradiction. – READ MORE…