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Amazing: Lew Rockwell on what Donald Trump has accomplished so far



Towards a peaceful dismantling of the United States Empire

In two weeks, many things have begun, often in the greatest discretion. The booming declarations of President Trump and his team deliberately spread confusion and enabled him to ensure that the nominations of his collaborators were confirmed by a partially hostile Congress.

We must understand that it’s a fight to the death between two systems that has just begun in Washington. Let’s leave the Atlantist Press to comment on the often contradictory and incoherent statements by this one or that, and look at the facts on their own.

Before anything else, Donald Trump made sure that he had control over the security apparatus. His first three nominations (National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly) are three Generals who have contested the «continuity of government» since 2003 [4]. Next, he reformed the National Security Council to exclude the inter-army Chief of Staff and the director of the CIA [5]

Even though the latter decree will probably be revised, it still has not been. Let us note in passing that we announced the intention of Donald Trump and General Flynn to eliminate the post of Director of National Intelligence [6]. However, this post has been maintained and Dan Coats has been nominated for it. It transpires that talk of its suppression was a tactic to demonstrate that the presence of the Director of National Intelligence in the Council was enough to justify the exclusion of the Director of the CIA.

The substitution of the word «best» for «first» leads to the engagement of partnerships with Russia and China, rather than a tentative to crush them.

In order to hobble this policy, the friends of Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Nuland have relaunched the war against the Donbass. The important losses they have experienced since the beginning of the conflict have led the Ukrainian army to withdraw and put paramilitary Nazi militia in the front line. The combats have inflicted heavy civilian casualties on the inhabitants of the new popular Republic. Simultaneously, in the Near East, they have managed to deliver tanks to the Syrian Kurds, as planned by the Obama administration.

In order to resolve the Ukrainian conflict, Donald Trump is looking for a way to help to eject President Petro Poroshenko. He, therefore, received at the White House the head of the opposition, Yulia Tymoshenko, even before he accepted a phone call from President Poroshenko.  Read more…

Dr. Mercola: Trump/Robert Kennedy, Jr. CDC/FDA CORRUPTION


Like Kennedy and many other critics of vaccine science and policy, President Trump has been outspoken about his suspicions that vaccines and vaccine policies may not be nearly as safe as they’re portrayed, and that the science is far from settled.According to Science Magazine.
Trump met with Wakefield and three other vaccine safety activists in August, 2016:6
“Trump chatted with a group of donors that included four antivaccine activists for 45 minutes, according to accounts of the meeting, and promised to watch “Vaxxed,” an antivaccine documentary produced by Wakefield …Trump also expressed an interest in holding future meetings with the activists, according to participants.”


State of the Nation: On Trump’s Wrecking Ball (Why me? Why not!)

There is an extremely important back story to the election of Donald Trump that speaks directly to him being the perfect foil to the NWO globalist cabal.  Trump’s rise to the POTUS is not too unlike the sustained ascendancy of Russian President Vladimir Putin as explained in this important expose: Secret History Revealed — Putin Played Critical Role After The Pre-Planned Collapse Of The USSR.  In fact, the innate desire of Trump to work closely with Putin in the interest of world peace is at the very root of both of their successful movements.  While the Neocons have tried desperately to take out Putin any way they can, they have now directed their destructive energies toward Trump.  However, the ruling cabal will NOT be able to dislodge either leader as both Trump and Putin are part of a much larger divine plan that cannot be thwarted.  There truly are great forces operating in the background which have kept Putin in power and guaranteed Trump’s victory.  Some call them The Great White Brotherhood; others call them the Acsended Masters.  As follows: THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages  Illuminism, Freemasonry and the Great White Brotherhood The New Atlantis rises … and then falls, after being halted by the epochal wars of the Kali Yuga and Iron Age conflicts, READ MORE…

Arrest Warrant Recommendations – DRAIN THE SWAMP

                                       WANTED FOR QUESTIONING
VLA COMMENT: These videos and lists were conceived of a few years ago. There are some mistakes here…lots of throwing the baby out with the bath water. BUT YET THIS IS A PROVOCATIVE LIST. This list was provided in 2014 by “THE COURT OF AGES”, a Common Law quorum of people from what is commonly known as the United States of America.   They certainly did a lot of work. Many of these are government leaders who simply need to be questioned as to what they may know or have suspected. All are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Since these lists were compiled, for example, Janet Reno and Justice Scalia has died…some think that they were murdered by the Clinton Cabal.  It would be nice to see it updated and more specific rather than such a large wholesale list. Lots of work to be done by the Trump presidency to drain the swamp.

General list of recommended arrest warrants.

SCROLL FORWARD STARTING AT 3:00 FOR LIST WITH PHOTOS US CABINET & DEPTS. This list of HHS, FDA, Homeland security leaders wanted for questioning re: corruption, murder, pedophilia

MISSING IS USDA HIDDEN CZAR GERALD MANDY (colleague of Mike Taylor FDA)…both Agriculture..GMO corrupt.

List with photos starts at 2:54

US House of Representatives

List with photos start at

US Dept. of Justice FBI leadership, prison leadership
List with photos starts at 3:10



Published on Jan 16, 2014, we were asked to make a video explaining who the Court of Ages is and what we’re doing. And so here it is.

The Court of Ages began in the Spring of 2013 as a Common Law quorum of people from what is commonly known as the United States of America. After the investigation by the Peoples’ Public Trust, and the subsequent foreclosure of all corporations and governments, our quorum began working together through Skype filing writs in the form of arrest warrants, replevins, and cease and desist orders to have the domination and control system dismantled across the globe. Those writs served as public, fair notice and have not been disputed nor rebutted to this day.

In November of 2013, by International and Universal Law, we formed the only Universal, indemnified court of settlement on earth, and called it the Court of Ages. We did this by filing a series of documents that restore planet earth to Natural Law. We are now filing formal court orders requiring law enforcement to complete the takedown of the domination and control system in its entirety.

We recognized that there needed to be another structure in place before the old system was collapsed. With that in mind, we developed a series of documents: The Armistice & Accord, the Letters Patent, and the Notice of Reconciliation. You may find links to these documents below. Videos are also available on this Rise Together video channel.

We’ve also been asked what you can do to help. One thing is to locate our court orders on Scribd and begin sending those to your Marshals. They are required by law to act on them at your request. The Marshals and Sheriffs work for you, the people of earth, the Heirs of Creation.

Also, you may begin organizing yourselves into communities and developing your own customs and traditions. Those who resonate with your customs may want to join your community. From there you may form your own common law courts to protect and maintain Natural Law in your area.

That’s all for now. We’ll see you again soon.


Vedic Astrology message to Trump

Vedic Astrology:  Trump with moon/ketu conjunction can understand this message. This message will bring his understanding to a cosmic level which will help him justify his response to the current situation, like no other recommendation as done.

Rahu (attack) is aspecting Jupiter (wisdom, the guru). Trump is a Rahu/Sun/Mars powerhouse. He can recognize Rahu’s influence…he knows the rough, powerful frequency well.
He has the impulse to defend and attack that which is attacking him personally. HOWEVER…COSMICALLY it is simply Rahu attacking Jupiter (wisdom and guru) in his natal chart. But it can easily be overcome.
He must be informed not to take it “personally”. But to rise above it as it is a “cosmic principle battle”. He has the mind easily to see it this way and it would be important to remind him. This will help him very much to metabolize and feel authentic about a response in a “jupiterian way”, not a RAHU violence. He can see the choice if presented in this wayl
Let him rise upward to the cosmic level (as opposed to its apparent manifestation as personal) and see that it is Rahu attacking Jupiter.
How should he handle this? IDENTIFY WITH JUPITER, the guru, in Christianity- the Christ. Aware of this cosmic situation, he should reflect, How a Christ, Jupiter, the Guru would respond? “
An example in “principle”
“All right, all right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!” … He who is without sin among you let him be the first to throw a stone”. Would Christ Jesus (Jupiter) attack?
Trump can recognize the difference between those two opposed cosmic frequencies, if he is aware of this, as I have pointed out. He is in a big transit move… moving from one cycle to the other…from Rahu (as he has behaved powerfully and roughly)to get to where he is today…19years) to Jupiter Dasa (the next 16 years). He has the intelligence to declare within himself to put Rahu behind him as he makes this major change from Rahu to Jupiter. In other words, jump now into the Jupiter frequency. He has a great mercury (intelligence) he can PIVOT into the Jupiter frequency purposefully at this important juncture of change in his chart.

I Ching for the Donald: K’an / Dangerously Deep

Water follows Water, spilling over any cliff, flowing past all obstacles, no matter the depth or distance, to the Sea.

The Superior Person learns flexibility from the mistakes he has made, and grows strong from the obstacles he has overcome, pressing on to show others the Way.
You are facing a crucial trial along your Journey.
The danger of this challenge is very real.
It is a test of your mettle.

If you can maintain your integrity and stay true to your convictions, you will overcome.

That’s not as easy as it seems when you are faced with the sacrifice of other things you’ve come to depend upon or hold dear.

ADVOCATING FOR TRUMP-a perspective on Trump by Eileen Dannemann

Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump stands during the Fox Business Network Republican presidential debate at the North Charleston Coliseum, Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016, in North Charleston, S.C. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)


ADVOCATING FOR TRUMP-a perspective on Trump

Eileen Dannemann, Founder VaccineLiberationArmy.com

1)    Re: Education: Donald Trump is against Common Core and the Federal Education Board. Wants to bring education back to the states and the community with vouchers etc.

2)    Re: OUTSOURCING: Donald Trump clearly knows about the issue of outsourcing

David Icke Part #4 Connect the Dots and the global plan, right off the bat. And he took the stand. Lately he said…”I don’t want to be the World President.  I want to be the United States president”

3)    RE: VACCINES: He took the anti vaccine, anti pharmaceutical position right off the bat.

Trump Wakefield: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk1pF75mY8A

Vaccine Syndrome trailer:  Clinton Pay for Play Anthrax Vaccine mandates on US servicemen (60 seconds)

4)    RE: CONSCIOUSNESS: His daughter, Ivanka and son Donald jr. practice Transcendental Meditation. Since you are articulating the importance of “consciousness” lately you may know or may not know that a person practicing transcendental meditation or some spiritually awakening practice affects 7 generations before and after.

5)    RE: BILL GATES: He is vocal against Bill Gates common core as well as vaccines and population control (abortion)

6)    RE: Alternative Media Activist: Infowars, Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Adam, Breitbart news, etc all the deepest alternative media support Donald Trump. That should give you pause.

Yes, he has surrounded himself with some establishment players like Admiral Woolsey and perhaps Mike Pence, etc .  Apparently, in order to get his foot into the presidential door, he must imbibe concepts that are warlike and aggressive as well as environmentally questionable. However, he balances these concepts  with radical ideas supported by alternative information sourced from the likes of Breitbart, Roger Stone, Infowars, etc. Trump get the heads up on the murders and pay for play operations of the Clintons. That is, he has been getting, all along,  and  that inside information that we, activists,  get first hand from our deep alternative media players.  Moreover, Trump has the courage to speaks it out. He is our voice.  It was no surprise to us, the deep seated activists,  that Bannon (Breitbart) got on board the Trump train- a radical move.

7)    RE: USA Return to Independence:  Trump’s current environmental position, the elimination of many environmental and other regulations is an emergency measure to disrupt the World Government momentum of resource and trade co-dependency among the world nations. Trumps plan is  to become energy independent ultimately resulting in the United States ceasing the warring seizures of other countries’ resources such as the oil in Iraq, Afganistan and Iran, etc. That is, Trumps plan of restoring independence to the United States gradually reduces the US interference and foreign interventions that are falsely based on humanitarian and demoncratic rationale. Energy and manufacturing independence and the ceasing of rampant outsourcing will ultimately restore the US previously strong independent status.  It will cut dependency on other countries resources, the dependency which is fundamental to the globalist agenda of a one world government.

8)    Re: Agenda 21:His environmental positions albeit appears detrimental to the earth but it is actually detrimental to the globalist Agenda 21 and their manipulation of “sustainability”. The earth will ultimately heal. It is audacious to think that man can destroy Gaia… humanity would become extinct before that can happen.

9)  Gun Rights-2nd amendment: Defending gun rights breaking down the strategy to force Americans to be helpless against government militia projections.

10) Re: Exposing the globalist agenda: Exposing the pervasive Govt. corruption from the FBI to the Whitehouse and internationally with the Clinton outreach and pay to play with ambassador jobs, etc.

11) Re: NATO: Rethinking participation

12) Re: Trade Agreement: Renegotiating NAFTA, CAFTA, against TPP and other current secret trade agreements.

13) Restraint in some of Trump’s positions:  He would be stupid to go against Israel or Biotech (GMO), etc. He has a good heart…Palestine’s plight is not unknown to him.

        Note:  You can bet that his children & grandchildren eat organic food and would change the balance and influence in the positive…small organic farm operations and labeling if he becomes president.

14) Re: Creating Chaos: Although you may think that he is “consciously” being manipulated by the common elite powers behind the political machine..however…perhaps not.  In any case the reality (above) is happening and it is engendering the chaos needed to break the illusions.  If you agree that all phenomenon is actually being administrated by the infinite correlative process of Divine Mind then this reality is perfectly out-picturing.

15) Choosing one of two candidates: Since there are only two candidates to vote for at this point…which one should be chosen by the enlightened or should we just sit this one out and take no action inspired by the impulses that arise from Source.   I have been mediating for 40 years; I resonate with alternative media; I am a anti vaccine activist exposing the world platform focused on debilitating the entire incoming generations of humanity.

16) Trump’s Vedic Astrology:  Will Trump become president?  His vedic astrology shows that he makes a big shift…into a 16 year Jupiter cycle… just a week after the election.  Jupiter is in Virgo, his native 2nd house of money,  and currently in transit Jupiter will also be in Virgo, on top of his native house of money.  Since it is in Virgo it foretells of “communication” as Virgo lorded by Mercury.

He may not or he may become president…but in any case he will definitely have a great impact on world affairs whether he is president or not….and have great fun publishing his international best selling book, TRUMP TRAIN (my suggested working title). The Donald will write an amazing book and recoup all the dollars that he lost in supporting his campaign.  The TRUMP TRAIN will be such an internationally best seller that he might publish it by starting his own publishing company with associate existing publishers.

His team will spend much time in litigation defending the contents of the book::)))

If the Donald does not become president, it will be worthwhile him knowing that he has made and will make in the future,  a dramatic and beneficial effect on US and world events.  It will be his good karma to know that some else is US president, over lording an epoch of Hell.

   VLA COMMENT:      Articulating  negative  opinions on Trump, in light of a corrupt Clinton choice,  leads those who value the opinion of persons like David Icke, to yield to a temporary disconnect & paralysis leading them to sit out the election. 
        Alternative leaders may be wise to avoid suppressing the impulses of the insecure, the enlightened and the deep seated activists who resonate with the Trump family, by speculative opinion,  unless these respected leaders are absolutely sure of their position, despite of and in the face of, being countered by major activists and respected alternative media person referred to in this email.


Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump jr. practice Transcendental Meditation

“Meditation is one of the most important things I do each day.

I meditate for twenty minutes, ideally twice daily. Sometimes I miss the afternoon session, but I always make the morning one. It’s been invaluable in terms of calming my mind and allowing me to think more clearly. I recently treated my team to an intensive transcendental meditation course. It’s proven to increase productivity at work and cut down on stress (doesn’t that sound awesome!?). We covered my team’s experience with transcendental meditation on my site”.


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