Cancer Cell Journal 2006: Canadian Scientist discover Mitachondria booster to cure cancer


However, because it is non patentable, the research is not getting support.  DCA is widely available substance.


Cancer progression and its resistance to treatment depend, at least in part, on suppression of apoptosis. Although mitochondria are recognized as regulators of apoptosis, their importance as targets for cancer therapy has not been adequately explored or clinically exploited. In 1930, Warburg suggested that mitochondrial dysfunction in cancer results in a characteristic metabolic phenotype, that is, aerobic glycolysis (Warburg, 1930). Positron emission tomography (PET) imaging has now confirmed that most malignant tumors have increased glucose uptake and metabolism. Read Study…


Cancer Mitochondria Are Hyperpolarized and Have Suppressed Oxidative Metabolism, Both of which Are Reversed by DCA

VLA comment:  Hmmm….mitochondria dysfunction is widely seen in vaccine injured children.  Wonder what is happening since 2006 with the research?


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