Dr. Paul G. King Legal Argument: Vaccines in commerce are currently illegal

lawDr. Paul G. King, vaccine consultant for the National Coalition of Organized Women outlines herein why all vaccines, accordingly, should be re-classified as adulterated until the safety requirements are met.

Under 21 U.S.C. § 351(a)(2)(B)
Any failure to meet any safety requirement deems a drug to be adulterated. Rational: Therefore, according to Dr. Paul G. King’s paper  one could argue that all of today’s FDA-approved vaccines are adulterated drugs, which are currently illegal and have been, heretofore, illegally placed in commerce. Further rational: Adulterated drugs (vaccines) cannot legally be listed on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation table. Therefore, it can be argued that the vaccine injured are not compelled to apply to the NVIC for compensation and are free to litigate in US Courts without first making application to the NVIC program.  Read argument…

2 thoughts on “Dr. Paul G. King Legal Argument: Vaccines in commerce are currently illegal

  1. Michael

    I started with huge rashes on my legs the got sick after 8 weeks I have been sick for 18 months doctors well not listen.i need help I a doctor that knows about flu shots because the eight doctors I have seen don’t under stand why I am sick I was very healthy on no meds in fake had not been to a doctor. Since 1997.for a cold became of my boss at work wanted me to go ever one gets colds I got pneumonia after the shot I am 39 and have never even had the flu before I don’t. Smoke. Or drink or do drugs.while I was sick for the first 7months I was blacking out my hands were shaking I wanted to take my life but it would hurt my wife to much I have infections my my lungs off and on for 7 months hypertension in both lungs and throat that went on for seven month I have become very sensitive to smells my throat feels like someone is choking me i have mucus that builds in my throat and lungs i have been on 21 meds nothing has helped i lost my job because of this i failed my dot test i think about death alot.i need help.

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