Say “NO” to Iowa House Bill File 45-posted Feb. 16, 2011

Subject: NO on House File 45

Dear Fellow Iowans,

Here is my letter SAMPLE LETTER I sent to my State Rep. a couple days ago.  Feel free to use it to write your State Representative for your area, however you would like to word it-verbatim or in your own words.  By going to www.Congress.Org & following the instructions I mentioned in my Introductory letter, you will find the contact info. for the Representative in your area (& also your Senator).A follow-up call makes for a little more impact, if you would like to do that as well.  I just called my Rep. on the bill below & also my Senator on a couple other bills which I will mention in my next letter out in a few days or so.  Thanks for all you can do to help & please let me know the results & if you have any questions for me & anything I can do to help!

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