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Feb. 2011: Pharma: Moving to put Statin drugs in the water supply

As if flouride and hexavalent chromium in public water supplies aren’t bad enough, health authorities are now pushing for the addition of drug statins as well. Drug companies claim that statins will lower cholesterol and prevent heart attacks and strokes.  Read more…

Only last week, George Lundberg, MD, the editor of MedPageToday, which is a mouthpiece for the American Medical Association, wrote an op-ed entitled, Should We Put Statins in the Water Supply?

Iowa Legislations 2011: Vote “no” on Senate File 1077; vote “yes” on Senate File 173

Vote “NO” on Senate Study Bill 1077     Sponsor(s): proposed committee on human resources bill by Chairperson Ragan. An Act relating to reforming state and county responsibilities for adult mental health, mental retardation, and developmental disabilities services and providing effective dates.

Full text can be viewed by going to:

Comments: If passed would expand Medicaid “mental health” services and shift the funding and administration of that portion of the Medicaid program to the state from the county. More state funding means more state taxes on us to fund more “mental health” practices with Medicaid services…Marianne Coenen

Furthermore, the State programs tend to simply label kids; drug kids; and put them on a path to lifelong dependence on prescription drugs rather than assess them properly for street drug use or vaccine injury (the emerging generation has received 39 vaccine doses by the time they are 6 years old.  And will receive as much as 80 doses by the time they are in college)…Eileen Dannemann, Director National Coalition of Organized Women

Vote “YES” on Senate File 173 Sponsor: McKINLEY  Committee: Education. An Act providing for a special education alternative reading

Full text can be viewed by going to:

Introduction and contact information for your area’s representatives.

(UK) Feb. 2011: Milk from cloned cows given green light by Defra. GMO livestock next?

Milk from cloned cows given green light by Defra

Milk and meat from the offspring of cloned animals should be allowed to go on sale, according to a government minister. Read full article…

It should be noted that the FDA has not only approved cloned livestock but has issued guidelines for genetically engineered animals; all to go to the consumer UNLABELED.

Difference between Cloned animals and Genetically engineered: Genetic engineering is a method of introducing new genes into an animal. Thus, it is a method of altering an animal, not copying it. A GE animal contains new DNA (the rDNA construct) that gives the animal new traits. If the rDNA construct is stably inherited, then future generations of the initial GE animal will also contain the rDNA construct, and will also be GE animals. So, while cloning is a method of reproduction, genetic engineering is a method by which the genetics of an animal can be altered.

Pregnant women on psyche drugs are having deformed babies

The Obamacare bill funds further research into the epidemic of babies being born to mothers who are on psyche drugs.  In the 1980-2004 kids were getting a maximum amount of vaccines, at least 15 containing the neurotoxin, mercury (Thimerosal).These girls were misdiagnosed as ADD, ADHD, OCD, BiPolar, depressed and put on drugs like Ritalin and Adderall and other psyche drugs like Zoloft, Concerta, Lexpro, Prozac, etc. These girls are now in their 20s and 30s and having babies-deformed babies.If you are one of these girls seek a vaccine injury doctor (check (find a doctor) and alternative clinic(see our healing and recovery room) to detoxify you from the heavy metals that are causing your malady and the prescription drugs that may cause your baby to be deformed.  Do this well in advance of getting pregnant!

List of some medications and their deformities

Antipsychotic drugs: Class Labeling Change FDA (see FDA WARNING page) TREATMENT DURING PREGNANCY AND POTENTIAL RISK TO NEWBORNS including Haldol, FazaClo, Fanapt, Clozaril, Risperdal, Zyprexa, Seroquel, Abilify, Geodon, Invega, Loxitane, Moban, Navane, Orap, Saphris, Stelazine, Thorazine, Symbyax

Bruesewitz Case: High Court Rules in favor of protecting Vaccine Manufacturers

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that federal law shields vaccine makers from product-liability lawsuits in state court seeking damages for a child’s injuries or death from a vaccine’s side effects.

The high court on Tuesday ruled for Wyeth, which is now owned by Pfizer Inc, in a lawsuit brought by the parents of Hannah Bruesewitz, who suffered seizures as an infant after her third dose of a diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccine in 1992.

Read more…

VOTE “NO”: Urgent Action Alert. IOWA SSB 1066. Naturopathic Licensure

IOWA Legislation:

IHFC Does not support SSB 1066 as written. This legislation would create a negative impact on the entire natural health community of unlicensed practitioners in Iowa and the thousands of consumers who utilize the services of the unlicensed traditional naturopaths and complementary and alternative therapies practitioners listed in this bill

Write your legislator regarding amendments.

Iowa Naturopathic Licensure
Iowa SSB 1066
with proposed amendments

Detailed instructions for Action

You can find your legislators at

Legislative arguments for Vaccine philosophical exemptions: A moral and ethical imperative

(Natural News)  The arguments are presented below. They are not comprehensive – books have been written on some of these topics – but the goal with legislatures is to make strong, concise arguments with credible support. Their time is often limited, and their ability to hear alternative points of view potentially limited as well. The question is not so much “What is the whole truth?” as it is “What will get the job done?” The actual letter is available at… and revisions to the arguments may appear in the future on the Vaccine Rights website as well.  Learn more: Read and present the arguments for philosophical exemption to your legislature.  Vaccine Injury leads to use of psyche drugs.  Bewared of psyche drug funding through legislation.


Records from the 1950s, 60s and 70s show forestry workers, often students and junior rangers, spent weeks at a time as human markers holding red, helium-filled balloons on fishing lines while low-flying planes sprayed toxic herbicides including an infamous chemical mixture known as Agent Orange on the brush and the boys below. Read more…

HOW BAD IS MONSANTO’S AGENT ORANGE?  See more photos of Agent Orange exposure…


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Our goal is to educate people and collect data about the toxic Chemtrails that are being sprayed on the population of the world. In addition, we are launching multiple films exposing those who are attempting to carry out their program for World Domination. All of our films are given for free with a donation – which is at your discretion. Remember that a video on the internet can reach a million before a book can be read by one. GO TO WEBSITE…