Iowa Legislations 2011: Vote “no” on Senate File 1077; vote “yes” on Senate File 173

Vote “NO” on Senate Study Bill 1077     Sponsor(s): proposed committee on human resources bill by Chairperson Ragan. An Act relating to reforming state and county responsibilities for adult mental health, mental retardation, and developmental disabilities services and providing effective dates.

Full text can be viewed by going to:

Comments: If passed would expand Medicaid “mental health” services and shift the funding and administration of that portion of the Medicaid program to the state from the county. More state funding means more state taxes on us to fund more “mental health” practices with Medicaid services…Marianne Coenen

Furthermore, the State programs tend to simply label kids; drug kids; and put them on a path to lifelong dependence on prescription drugs rather than assess them properly for street drug use or vaccine injury (the emerging generation has received 39 vaccine doses by the time they are 6 years old.  And will receive as much as 80 doses by the time they are in college)…Eileen Dannemann, Director National Coalition of Organized Women

Vote “YES” on Senate File 173 Sponsor: McKINLEY  Committee: Education. An Act providing for a special education alternative reading

Full text can be viewed by going to:

Introduction and contact information for your area’s representatives.

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