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Police perform house-to-house raids in Watertown MA ripping innocent families from their homes

Published on Apr 20, 2013

WATERTOWN, MA — On Friday, April 19, 2013, during a manhunt for a bombing suspect, police and federal agents spent the day storming people’s homes and performing illegal searches. While it was unclear initially if the home searches were voluntary, it is now crystal clear that they were absolutely NOT voluntary. Police were filmed ripping people from their homes at gunpoint, marching the residents out with their hands raised in submission, and then storming the homes to perform their illegal searches. VLA comment: Looks like another consequence management drill opportunity…the aggressive fuckers!


Photos show that kids didn’t do it:

I​t is also interesting to point out that the kid is unable to speak because of a wound to the throat and is being heavily medicated. And no doubt with the type of drugs he is getting he should be rendered senseless and unable to put 2 thoughts together, if he lives.




Maret Tsarnaeva the aunt of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the suspected Boston marathon bombers has revealed to me that she can positively identify the oldest nephew Tamerlan Tsarnaev as the man who was stripped naked and placed into a police cruiser during the manhunt for the suspects.

News from the father of the brothers.

Police SUV ran over the older brother and then shot him multiple times… dead…

And the authorities, like in the case of the Oklahoma Bomber and Jerod Loughner and in all high profile cases, will stack both the prosecution and the defense…as in high profile Attorney Judy Clark defender of the aforementioned two men.

NCOW (National Coalition of Organized Women sent Judy Clark information about cytochrome P450 2D6 in the case of Loughner so that they might test him for his ability to metabolize prescription drugs. It is our opinion, he, like James Holmes, is being rendered insane and psychotic by be given these counter drugs. See:

He is brought to an Emergency Room run by Israeli doctors. It is decided because of the neck wound they “must” remove his larynx, and he will never talk again. Read more…

Kindergarten child banned from school for not getting Chickenpox vaccine

A story that should serve as a wakeup call to all American parents is currently making headline news: A Staten Island kindergartner has been barred from attending school because she hasn’t been vaccinated against chickenpox—even though her pediatrician refuses to vaccinate her on grounds that it may endanger the health of her baby sister. Read full story…

Where are all the “adult” autism cases?

A great point is made in this video. CDC claims that the reason we have epidemic statistics on Autism cases (1 out of 50) now as opposed to statistics of 1 out of 10,000 in the 1980s and back further… is because we have better “diagnostic tools”. In other words there was major autism all along-we have just been able now with out “tools” to identify them. The gentleman on the video makes the point that if this is the case where are the “adult” autism cases…THERE ARE NONE!


-1Is this a mosquito? No. It’s an insect spy drone for urban areas, already in production, funded by the US Government. It can be remotely controlled and is equipped with a camera and a microphone. It can land on you, and it may have the potential to take a DNA sample or leave RFID tracking nanotechnology on your skin. It can fly through an open window, or it can attach to your clothing until you take it in your home. Given their propensity to request macro-sized drones for surveillance, one is left with little doubt that police and military may look into these gadgets next.

VLA comment:  Perhaps they will also be carriers of bioweapons like the Lyme Disease tick or the West Nile virus which are weaponized vector insects.

Read snopes take on it…


POSTER: COMPARING 1940, 1980 and 2012 children’s vaccine schedule

Also note missing from the poster list:  As of 2013 Dtap has been added to the pregnant women’s schedule as well as  trivalent flu shot (3 strains with 25mcgs of mercury).  That is 4 vaccine doses in-utero with the new concept to immunize fetuses in-utero, despite the fact that there was a 4,250 rise in fetal deaths reports (spontaneous abortions and still births) in the 2009/10 Flu Pandemic. Read about it and the CDC cover up!

Comment VLA: There is no physical liberty when the emerging generation of humanity is under attack from their own governments! 

– Eileen Dannemann, Director, National Coalition of Organized Women

Place this poster as an ad in your local paper –  perhaps alone or with some facts from below:

To be noted:  The Flu shot contains 25mcgs. of Thimerosal (Mercury).  Note that it is being given in-utero to the fetus and 5 more times until school age.  That is 150 mcgs. of mercury to a child by the time he/she is 6 years old.  See University of Calgary video:  How Mercury Degenerates the Brain


Copy into your photo album.  I believe it is a JPEG.  The designer is

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Let us know what local papers you are publishing in… so we can publicize…Eileen Dannemann
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