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CVS Pharmacy: 23 Seniors Die after Flu shot

CVS bribes seniors to get the high dosage flu shot. Yet in the manufacturers insert it reveals that 6-7% recipients (Seniors) died after receiving 2 types of Fluzone in the trials. VLA comment: Can CVS be sued for misrepresentation and fraud? According the law no vaccine provider is libel.

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Israel flagVLA COMMENT:  Our website has been hacked several times.  I found it really disturbing that DEFAMATION had been scrubbed.  Obviously it is a very important film that certain organization do not want you to see. However, I have found a link to watching for FREE

This is a riveting documentary film by an Israeli director mistakenly welcomed (in retrospect) in by Abe Foxman (Anti-defamation league) into the inner offices. Israeli director Yoav Shamir (Checkpoint, 5 Days, Flipping Out) eventually finds out who???is the main organization & country that is propagating antisemitism today!    This is an eye opener!

The other side of the argument

VLA comment: We have no opinion on the historical facts of the Jewish holocaust.  However, we posted this article in light of DEFAMATION having been hacked out of our site.

Paul Findely: Key Author of the War Powers Act “OBAMA HAS NO AUTHORITY TO ATTACK SYRIA”

paul_findley-2Paul Findley, served as a member of United States House of Representatives for twenty-two years. He was a key author of the War Powers Act and a leader in securing enactment by overriding the veto of President Richard Nixon. A Republican, he was first elected in 1961. Findley lost his seat in 1982 to current United States Senator Dick Durbin.He is the author of six books.

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Heme oxygenase-1 regulates immune response not vaccinations


Heme oxygenase-1 regulates the immune response to influenza virus infection and vaccination in aged mice

VLA comment/Amanda:  Notice the authors of the study want to add HO-1 to vaccination? They just don’t get that it is NOT vaccination that makes us healthy and by adding such an agent is potentially making sure that we develop an antibody against HO-1. That would leave us eventually dead.

HO-1 as a CRITICAL early component in innate immune response.

T-cells are controlled by HO-1?

Mice succumb to bacteria more being deficient in HO-1. HO-1 is related to a hosts resistance.

HO-1 is involved with white blood cells as well and it seems to play a role in protecting the body from macrophages.

A new role for myeloid HO-1 in the innate to adaptive crosstalk and immune homeostasis.

Allergies are triggered by antibodies. HO-1 can alleviate allergies. This goes with logic, as allergies are side by side with inflammation and HO-1 is anti inflammatory.

HO-1 protection against Malaria. Study