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Vaccinating the Health-Care Workforce: State Law vs. Institutional Requirements


Vaccinating the Health-Care Workforce: State Law vs. Institutional Requirements (READ)


At the state level, the legal authority to require immunization rests on states’ 10th Amendment “police powers,” which can be used to effectively convert public health recommendations into legally enforceable obligations. States can exercise this power directly or delegate their powers to local governments.

Of equally great importance is the role of the federal government. It is the case that the direct regulation of the public’s health is a traditional state function under the 10th Amendment. At the same time, the federal government has enormous powers under the Commerce Clause and the Spending Clause to both attach conditions of participation to federally funded programs as well as to regulate economic activity,31 of which health care is viewed as a preeminent example. To this end, federal conditions of participation for the Medicare and Medicaid programs, which currently do not address the immunization status of the health-care workforce, offer another potential basis for establishing minimum safeguards against the transmission of disease in health-care settings, in particular settings in which sick patients reside, such as nursing homes and hospitals.


Some facilities have instituted mandatory employee influenza vaccination programs,9 and one state (NY) has promulgated regulations making seasonal and H1N1 influenza vaccination mandatory.10 However this is being challenged.

VLA comment:  Thursday, Sept. 12, 2015 the California legislator passed another first in the nation bill, SB 792.  It is a very dangerous precedent.  It is the first in the nation that government mandates vaccination to private industry. This follows on the heels of SB 277 which has been signed into law.  SB277 prohibits a child to attend private, public or pre school without being fully vaccinated (at this time….49 vaccine doses by the age of six).  Unvaccinated children must homeschool.  Homeschool can not be a classroom setting.

Lyme Disease – Bioweapon and cure

Excerpt from posts: Following is how we have alleviated many of the symptoms of Lyme Disease. Tea: Burdock Root, Marshamallow, Rose Hips, Dandylion Root, Bitter Wormwood. Sea Weed: 207-565-2907, Citricare 800-622-8664. Immusist 888-702-3315.

VLA comment:  For those who are not the new age generation, you may be turned off with his alluding to Crystal and Indigo children. And that he calls it Lymes disease instead of Lyme. (So what!) However, he is right about Lyme disease being a bioweapon.  And I certainly would add his protocol to yours. And hopefully yours is the SALT CURE.  Most importantly, I have facilitated, many times,  the cure for Lyme disease by the Salt Cure.  See: I recommend you watch UNDER OUR SKIN to see how pervasive this epidemic really is:

Waldorf Schools in Crisis! Letter from National Coalition of Organized Women


 Degradation of the Waldorf Schools, internationally

To Waldorf Schools UK (Excerpts)

It must be known by now in Europe, that in the United States, state of California, a law has been passed (SB277) that no child can go to a public, private or pre-school without being fully vaccinated (49 vaccine doses by the age of six). There are 24 Waldorf schools in California that may either lose their accreditation, lose as much as or more than 50% of its student population, or in order to save the school, host fully vaccinated children. This crisis is the result of the corruption of the pedagogy that has been happening for decades as it pertains to the Waldorf system of education. This crisis for the Waldorf schools is a result of the blatant disregard for the mystical, metaphysical knowledge of the founder by the administration failing to take a clear stand on his position on inoculation. It is due to this disregard and weak policy on vaccination, that the Waldorf schools internationally are faced with this crisis.

Despite the Anthroposophical education of the teachers and the administration on the evolution of humanity and the battle of Lucifer and Ahriman, the Waldorf schools have capitulated to these very forces because they didn’t stand strong on vaccine policy.

“…these inoculations will influence the human body in a way that will make it refuse to give a home to the spiritual inclinations of the soul. People will be inoculated against the inclination to entertain spiritual ideas”.   have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls when they are very young”  READ THE FULL LETTER  SteinerInternationalletter

In the name of the Christ principle, I can only suggest that the Waldorf associations stand united in California and defy this unjust law (SB277).


Best regards,


Eileen Dannemann

Director, National Coalition of Organized Women


319 855-0307

Oakland, California School District-Will they DEFY SB277 law

SB277 (California) has been passed and signed by the governor. No child is allowed to go to school, public, private or pre school without being fully vaccinated (49 vaccine doses by the age of six). All unvaccinated children must homeschool.

The Nation of Islam taking on the Oakland School district which hosts the most black students of any district except Los Angeles.

Oct. 7, 2015 UPDATE:  SB792 is another California bill if signed by the Governor will be the first in the nation to mandate compulsory ADULT vaccinations.

We sent this letter and 7 books of Dissolving Illusions to the Oakland School Board (Oct 7th).


Oakland letter


GcMAF – Curing stage 4 cancer

Cancer lives exclusively on sugar. If you are fighting cancer you must also not each carbohydrates.
With the diet and protocol if you haven’t had too much chemotherapy you can cure terminal Stage four cancer within a year.

The answer may lie in an understanding of nagalese, a protein made by cancer cells and viruses. Nagalese is a primary cause of immunodeficiency given its ability to block the body’s production of GcMAF, otherwise known as “Vitamin D binding microphage activating factor,” a naturally-produced immune regulating compound that aids in fighting what are traditionally considered terminal diseases. Some researchers suggest that nagalese is one of many toxic components found in the immunizations commonly administered to children, including the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine.

Some independently-minded medical practitioners are beginning to acknowledge not only the nagalese-vaccination link, but also that GcMAF possesses great potential for the treatment of cancer and a variety of other illnesses, including autism, inflammation, and viral and bacterial disease.

The most prominent of the seven doctors who’ve been murdered or died under suspicious circumstances is James Jeffrey Bradstreet. As the contents of his blog suggest, Dr. Bradstreet has conducted extensive research into the causes of autism. His body was found on June 19 floating in a North Carolina river with a gunshot wound to his chest. Perhaps uncoincidentally, Bradstreet was a strong advocate of GcMAF and had treated over 2,000 autistic children with the substance; 85% exhibited marked improvement under his care.

Mike Adams article