Wow! Illinois Hospital now refuses to treat unvaccinated kids!


Illinois Hospital Refuses Un-Vaccinated Kids Treatment

 Centegra Physician Care will no longer treat unvaccinated children, according from a news release by the care center.

Patients 17 and younger will be required to receive the recommended vaccinations to continue care, a news release said. Centegra expects children not up to date on vaccinations to begin the catch-up process at their next office visit. Those who do not comply with the vaccination schedule will be released from the company’s practice!

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VLA comment:

​ NEW TREND:  Clearly private pediatricians have sent unvaccinated kids on their way.  Of course, un-vaccinated kids are not much of a revenue source as they don’t get continually offended on their well baby visits by being injected with upwards of nine vaccine doses at a time.
However, here is an uncomforable precedent setting trend for hospitals whose private policies consist of NO SHOTS, NO JOB  adding on No shots, No services!
So now we have:
No shots, No job (California law and general hospital policy)
No shots, No school (California law)
No shots, No Hospital
I am warning you that the airlines will be getting on board as they will have access to all Immunization records as they do not fall under HIPPAE privacy. No shots, no air travel as the infectious disease prong of Terrorism momentum increases!


3 thoughts on “Wow! Illinois Hospital now refuses to treat unvaccinated kids!

  1. Dr. Wiggins

    These bullying tactics will not go on forever. There are honest, alternative medical practitioners willing to provide ethical treatment.

    Hopefully, policies like this will raise a ‘red’ flag …and those with an ounce of commonsense will start to realize that these so call health professionals do not care about ‘health’. Parents need to realize that the more they take their kids to these doctors the sicker they become.

    Instead, they need to provide their kids with natural/organic foods and supplements, make sure they drink enough pure water, get sunlight, exercise and enough sleep… and teach their kids what it takes to maintain a naturally strong and healthy immune system. This vaccine business has become a circus!!!

    Shame on America!!!

  2. Lynne Crick

    I recently read another article about a student nurse who was kicked out of her nursing schools because she would not cooperate in doing what the faculty were telling them to do: to lie to patients in order to force them to get vaccinated. This whole thing is totally barbarous and I will stand on my convictions against vaccinations.

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