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MAN ESCAPES HOSPITAL…What a story! They tried to kill him…(Covid story)

This guy rolled his car. He woke up. He was trying to get out. EMT knocked him out with drugs. They loaded him onto a chopper. 8 hours later he woke up on a vent and and managed to remove the catheter, the IV, and the intubation. He was FINE, there was no reason for it. Hospital told him he had COVID. He was not a sleeper, he knew what they did and GOT THE HELL OUT OF THERE with them attempting to refuse him to leave.

He is trying to get people to contact him for interviews. His e-mail is benjamingord@gmail.com

Hospital must back pay employees it fired having denied them religious exemptions

Saint Vincent settles federal lawsuit filed by workers who claimed religious discrimination

Saint Vincent Hospital has agreed to rehire six former employees it fired after they refused to get flu shots in late 2013 and early 2014 due to their religious beliefs.

The Erie hospital also will provide about $300,000 in back pay and compensatory damages to the employees as part of an agreement to settle a lawsuit filed on behalf of the workers by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in September. A consent decree that ended the case and detailed the settlement terms was filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Erie.

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VLA Comment:

“CDC does not issue any requirements or mandates for state agencies, health systems, or health care workers regarding infection control practices, including influenza vaccination. There are no legally mandated vaccinations for adults, except for persons entering military service. CDC does recommend certain immunizations for adults, depending on age, occupation, and other circumstances, but these immunizations are not required by law.”
However, CDC Catch 22:  The federal government has created and co-created a variety of organizations who are supposed to help determine how to “improve the quality of care”.  If a hospital reports (to the CDC) high rates of immunizing their employees, thus demonstrating “quality improvements”

(Meryl Nass MD.)Medicare is used as a cudgel (while the federal government hides behind the “quality improvement” skirts of organizations it created) to forcibly impose some cherry-picked quality measures on medical institutions, by threatening to lower reimbursement rates to institutions that do not comply with the few “quality improvement” measures Medicare selected from the large palette of measures suggested by these intermediary organizations.

“I don’t understand why this issue has not been resolved in a “federal court”, and why cases are going through EEOC, where employees may win but their wins do not stop the nationwide HCW mandates for a vaccine that does not protect patients, according to metaanalyses by Cochrane”:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27251461 and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23881655, the WHO http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/irv.12087/full



Wow! Illinois Hospital now refuses to treat unvaccinated kids!


Illinois Hospital Refuses Un-Vaccinated Kids Treatment

 Centegra Physician Care will no longer treat unvaccinated children, according from a news release by the care center.

Patients 17 and younger will be required to receive the recommended vaccinations to continue care, a news release said. Centegra expects children not up to date on vaccinations to begin the catch-up process at their next office visit. Those who do not comply with the vaccination schedule will be released from the company’s practice!

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VLA comment:

​ NEW TREND:  Clearly private pediatricians have sent unvaccinated kids on their way.  Of course, un-vaccinated kids are not much of a revenue source as they don’t get continually offended on their well baby visits by being injected with upwards of nine vaccine doses at a time.
However, here is an uncomforable precedent setting trend for hospitals whose private policies consist of NO SHOTS, NO JOB  adding on No shots, No services!
So now we have:
No shots, No job (California law and general hospital policy)
No shots, No school (California law)
No shots, No Hospital
I am warning you that the airlines will be getting on board as they will have access to all Immunization records as they do not fall under HIPPAE privacy. No shots, no air travel as the infectious disease prong of Terrorism momentum increases!