GMO Livestock: From Animal experiments to Transhumanism

A More Humane (sure) Livestock Industry, Brought to You by Crispr (Crispr…a genetic engineering tool that uses a CRISPR sequence of DNA and its associated protein to edit the base pairs of a gene.) Cow 401 and her herdmates were the product of two and a half years of research, Van Eenennaam’s attempt to create […]

Gender Neutrality Kindergarten Education -The road to Transhumanism

 VLA Comment: There are two points that I would like to mention that is missing in this short film. What is not mentioned is that it is toxic agriculture that is disrupting the hormones, in utero. Dr. Peter Montague founder and editor of Rachel’s Hazzaradous Newsletter has been covering this topic of hormonal dysruption […]

Dr. Graham Downing: “Unborn Babies readied for Transhumanism Through Vaccines & Medicine!”

Can Vaccines Be Tied Into Social Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism: A Neuro-musculoskeletal Specialist MD Explains  Complete Article

Transhumanism: Facing an “inorganic post human era”

British theoretical astrophysicist, Sir Martin Rees, who believes we are facing an‘inorganic post-human era’ . “Artificial intelligence is progressing at a frightening pace leading humanity towards its ultimate destruction” The rich will become ‘God-like cyborgs’: Historian claims the wealthy will transform into a new type of human within 200 years Comments made by Yuval Harari […]

Super-Soldiers: The New Arms Race TRANSHUMANISM (and Vaccines)

  Super-Soldiers: The New Arms Race (and vaccines) VLA Comment: There is no purpose in saving mankind from infectious diseases because transhumanism is the end game. We are being deceived.  The real purpose of mass vaccination is to systematically disable the emerging generations of humanity; create sick and infirmed populations; and terrorize us by lowering our […]


Were it not for the elegance, proficiency, and mostly asymptomatic success of our recombinatorial immune system in dealing so well with infectious challenges, vaccination would have no cause, no scientific explanation, no justification whatsoever. In fact, ever since the adaptive, antigen-specific immune system evolved in early vertebrates 500 million years ago, our bodies have been […]

THE END GAME: TRANSHUMANISM – Vaccine Mandates; Child Protective Services, Agenda 21; Chemtrails, GMOS, Common Core Education

This interview of David Icke is a short but fabulous synopsis and overview  of the End Game.  Highly informative; highly enjoyable.  And is highly recommended that you have this in your awareness as you go about your specific mission.   Off putting, disparaging propaganda has plagued David for over 25 years, but now there are […]

Vaccine Mandates, Strategic Social Strategy – The Gateway into the Transhumanism Movement

Vaccine Mandates – The Gateway to Transhumanism-the 2045 Avatar Initiative “By destroying the functioning human system through mandated vaccines, which are disabling the emerging generations of humanity,  Biotech, Nanotech and Artificial Intelligence industries are indeed paving the way for Transhumanism”…Eileen Dannemann, Director, National Coalition of Organized Women What is Transhumanism?  The main science mega-project of […]