People of Maine to vote against Vaccine Mandate Law… in 2020 election

93,000 People in Maine Sign Petition to Veto New Vaccine Bill Taking Away Parental Rights

On Friday, September 18, 2019, Mainers for Health and Parental Rights held a press conference at the Capitol of Maine to announce they had obtained 93,000 signatures to support their grass-roots effort, Veto 798 Maine.

According to their website, 798 is:

a bill that was pushed through the legislature despite overwhelming opposition from the citizens of Maine, and then quietly signed into law by Governor Mills in May of 2019.

LD798 threatens all of our rights including:

  • Informed consent for medical decision making
  • Parental rights
  • Equal access to education
  • Religious freedom

LD798 eliminates religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccination, prohibiting parents, staff and healthcare workers from exercising their right to decline one or more vaccines required by schools and employers. If Maine citizens do not comply with the new law, they face expulsion from all public, private, parochial and online schools and will be terminated from employment.

To get the “Peoples’ Veto” on the ballot for March, 2020, they were required to obtain 64,000 signatures from Maine residents within 90 days, September 18th.

With 800+ volunteers, they obtained over 93,000 signatures – nearly 7% of the population of Maine.

The people of Maine will now apparently have the opportunity to vote and veto this law next March.  READ MORE…


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