Pharmacogenetics/Cytochrome P450/Suicides & Homicides/school violence

Brandon Turbervile comprehensive article:  Psychiatric Drugs, School Violence, and the Big Pharma Cover-up Excerpts: the CYP450 enzymes are the primary catalysts for detoxification reactions that render water-insoluble molecules sufficiently water soluble to be excreted in the urine. . . . Drugs, hormones, toxins, carcinogens, mutagens, environmental pollutants, and other xenobiotics are metabolized by CYP450 enzymes. Of […]


HPV Vaccine Censorship? Moving over to the journal Vaccine, there is yet again another potential conflict of interest. The Editor-in-Chief of Vaccine is Dr. Gregory Poland who personally rejected the recent Gardasil HPV study. The Mayo clinic’s website has this to say about Dr. Poland: “Dr. Poland is the chairman of a safety evaluation committee […]

Bill Gates: Islamic Bank gets $500 million for Vaccine, Virtual Education, Agriculture Agenda

                               GATES’ REACH Creating Global Governance step by step…follow the money! Vaccines, Virtual Education (core curriculum) and GMO agriculture      Maputo (IINA) – The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have launched $500-million worth fund, called “Life and Living Fund,” to fight poverty and diseases. The decision was taken by Dr. Ahmad Muhammad […]

Fluoride Victory Updates (2015)

  Latest Fluoride-Free Victories  Clarksburg, West Virginia—Water Board members voted 2-1 last week to end fluoridation due to the growing number of studies showing negative side effects.  The decision by the Clarksburg board will also end fluoridation for the city of Bridgeport and a number of other smaller communities. Oneida, New York—On Tuesday the Common […]

Studies show: Natural Mumps, Measles, Chicken Pox & Influenza viruses protect against cancer

Influenza virus Measles virus GENETICALLY ENGINEERED virus, administered at high dose, the virus set about destroying the cancer cells, leading to complete remission and no tumors for 9 months. Currently, 11 months after treatment, the patient is still cancer free.The larger effects of this step will be discovered soon, a trial for 20 patients has […]

Bundy vs. BLM Exposed: BLM secretly abused and killed Bundy’s cattle and covered it up

It is now emerging that scores of Bundy’s cattle were abused and killed, with many being dumped into mass graves. This story was first revealed by This is on top of the tazering, beating, wrong arrests and threatening of citizens with attack dogs during last week’s standoff. Read more… Bundy story history and updates…

Infant Mortality Rise with Mandated Vaccine Rates

VLA comment:  This graph speaks for itself!  Read more… Autism is not the only health problem since vaccines took off like greased lightning. The USA Today reported this: “More than half of children ages 8 to 14 have had a long-term health problem at some point, such as obesity, asthma, a learning disability or other […]

Harvard: Autism rates epidemic in developed countries; lower in developing countries

The estimates of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the U.S. have continued to rise significantly, according to the Center for Disease Control. As of March 2013, the CDC estimates that one in every 50 school children are diagnosed with ASD—a 1.16% increase from the estimates revealed in 20121. Other post-industrial counties are experiencing […]

ABC News Australia: Pro vaccine billboards vandalized

  The campaign was launched three weeks ago by the Immunisation Alliance of WA in response to figures showing that the Fremantle area had one of the lowest rates of vaccination in the country. Both billboards have been sprayed with red paint spelling out the website of anti-immunisation group, Australian Vaccination Network. Read more… What […]