100 Australian politicians push vaccination

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Children born in the last two decades are the most vaccinated in history (using more vaccines and having the highest vaccination rates), yet they also have the highest levels of chronic illness, including allergies, anaphylaxis, autism and autoimmune diseases (MS, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis etc) than any other generation.

As the number of vaccines on government National Immunisation Programs (NIP) has increased since 1990, so too has the chronic illness in global populations.

VLA comment:  Not only has Bill Gates given Australia over 50 million dollars to promote vaccines, but the government threatens parents with a law that would remove children”s benefits if the children are not vaccinated.  READ more…

Australia to stop welfare cash of anti-vaccine parents

Watch video..

The Australian government has announced that it intends to stop welfare payments to parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.

The “no jab, no pay” policy may cost parents more than A$11,000 a year per child in lost benefit payments.

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