Donald Trump 25 years ago (Oprah Winfrey) SPEAKING THE TRUTH EVEN THEN

EVEN THEN:  “I’d make our allies pay their fair share.” “I’m tired of seeing what’s happening with this country.” I’m tired of seeing this country ripped off.

7 thoughts on “Donald Trump 25 years ago (Oprah Winfrey) SPEAKING THE TRUTH EVEN THEN

  1. Redpill1

    Do not understand the obsession with Trump but his corruption and his affiliation with organized crime, his homophobia, misogynistic and racist words and actives are well documented.

    Donald Trump: A mafia don with a pompadour
    This is just the tip of the iceberg with this person.

    For those who are on the Trump bandwagon because he stated he believes vaccines cause Autism….that is another confusing aspect because he’s never spoken about vaccines causing autism on his stump speeches, in fact he hasn’t mentioned it at all yet people seem to be under the delusion that Trump is somehow magically going to change the vaccine mandates in the US. Not happening. Here is Trumps science plan posted on Scientific America:

    The Science of President Trump;
    Alter vaccination schedules to avoid autism: Trump says he favors vaccines, but giving children smaller doses over a longer period of time. He has blamed vaccines for causing autism in children.

    Repeat: “Trump says he favors vaccines”

    So if anyone is counting on Trump to be their savior-not going to happen for so many reason but the primary reason is ‘TRUMP FAVORS VACCINES”.

    Altered scheduled not defined so if a Dr. decides to give a child 5 vaccines at once instead of 8-that’s an alerted scheduled. So this helps the child how?

  2. Editor Post author

    He was just hedging himself…and explained what he did for his children prior to recognizing that vaccines cause autism by his story of his employee. Trump is very focused on his family and children…apparently brings them up very well. He would shake up the system. Christie also is concerned about vaccines. He is the only savior we have at the moment. Bernie is for mandated vaccines for the greater good.

  3. Redpill1

    “He would shake up the system.”

    The is absolutely no evidence of that in any of his stump speeches and his statement-That he favors vaccines speaks for itself. I don think Trump loves his family any more than you or I love our families. There are people who have dedicated their time, money their lives to bring the issue of vaccines to to the public and have had to do it without the resources Trump has had all of his life. IMHO, with his wealth and public persona, the minute he realized that vaccines not only caused Autism but also have been causing immunological and neurological damage to children he should have stepped up to the plate. The fact that he wasn’t running for public office would not have been an hindrance because Trump makes noise and draws media attention wherever he goes and has for decades.

    In 2012 when he was running for president Trump made the statement about vaccines. He did not elaborate on it, he didn’t say If I win I will make these changes to the vaccine mandate or anything about changing things. He said nothing about change in 2012 but he did see was kind of capital he gained in the anti-vaccine community. The man and the people around him are not stupid. Do not think for one minute that his deceleration that vaccines cause autism was not a calculated planned move. Presidential campaigns are gigantic human machineries that generate millions of bits of data. Trump made his move during the debates and the anti-vac communities response over the next 4-6 weeks was revealing. He’d hit a wellspring of unhappy frustrated angry tired people who feel the medical community and the government has abandoned them. His research probably showed this group would support any candidate that shows they are on their side, which is all he’s done is say “Hey, I believe you, “Vaccines cause Autism”, but he has no plans to change anything other than alternating the schedule which parents can do on their own already. This is the same tactic he used with the White Supremacist and the Nazi which is why when he was asked to disavow them, after lying and saying he didn’t know who David Dukes was he reluctantly made a mealy mouth statement-sort of:
    -Trump says he doesn’t know who David Duke is:
    When pressed to disavow support from the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups, Donald Trump declined to do so.
    Donald Trump | David Duke | KKK | White Supremacists
    “Honestly, I don’t know David Duke. I don’t believe I’ve ever met him, I’m pretty sure I didn’t meet him, and I just don’t know anything about him,” Trump said.
    Trump Plays Dumb On David Duke’s History Of White Supremacy. Here’s Proof He’s Lying.
    Now Trump made an attempt at disavowing these racist groups but he doesn’t want to lose their support so he does what he does best-misdirects, lies and blames others for…anything. In walks his son:
    Donald Trump Jr. appears with white supremacist on radio show:
    He’s keeping the door open out of the public’s eye.
    -Donald Trump is a bigot and a racist
    His misogynism is legendary:
    -18 Real Things Donald Trump Has Actually Said About Women:
    Donald Trump Hates Women: It’s the one position he’s never changed.
    Donald Trump and the mob
    ‘The mob connections of Donald are extraordinarily extensive’
    Sometimes when a trauma occurs in a person’ life, emotionally and mentally they become stuck in that space. Because so much energy goes into dealing with the trauma there is no room for new information. It’s like a cognitive dissonance. Because of their fixation on this one event, in this case, vaccine damage to a loved one, anyone who says something that gives them hope they latch onto that for dear life and no other information can get in. Trump saying vaccines cause Autism is that something but it is a hook that he used to draw in people and very few in the pro-choice-anti-vac community know that his position has been reported in the media: TRUMP FAVORS VACCINES. Think about it. Trump has NEVER said do not vaccinate, he has never said vaccines are dangerous, he has never said the CDC,FDA & pharma need to be investigated for fraud. He has never said vaccines are causing more than Autism. He didn’t need to. I’m sure his internals revealed to him that the targeted people have been hooked and he need not commit to anything. He doesn’t need to speak about vaccines on the campaign trial and he hasn’t. Why do you think that is?

    Trump makes people feel like he’s one of them.
    He uses emotion to get his point across, speaks bluntly from the heart.
    He is not part of the establishment politicians.
    He is nationalist, anti immigrant.
    He uses a lot of gesturing. (watch the gestures and compare, its scary)
    He speaks to the lowest level in the audience.
    Advocates horrific extreme measures. (kill terrorists families)
    His speeches motivate people to say horrible things they never would before. (Look comments after his news stories)
    I could go on but a google search will substantiate everything I’ve posted. Including the factual statement: TRUMP FAVORS VACCINES. Tell me I’m wrong

  4. Editor Post author

    All three politicos…that is Carson,Christie and Trump have concerns about vaccines. After they spoke up they got either creamed or the issue at the GOP debates were never brought up again. The other politico…Rand Paul…spoke up and got so creamed that he got vaccinated the next day as a publicity move.

    Bernie Sanders says it is a state issue but that his personal opinion is that everyone should get vaccinated for the GREATER GOOD which is a fascist ideology…the collective is more important than the individual. We of the anti vaccine movement can’t get lost in the myriad of issues that we are being disinformed about. We must stick to the frequency of our radio dial…vaccines. We must not loose focus. It is a cosmic trick to try to pull us off of our frequency channel…vaccines. TRUMP, CARSON AND CHRISTIE are concerned about vaccines and now they are mute because of the pressur e after having vocalized their concern. Why would you expect Trump to speak up during the time he was parenting his latest son. There is a learning curve. As he became more aware, that is when he was faced with an employee re: autism. Unfortunately, he followed Dr. Sears protocol and it seems to me that his latest son has some damage…you can see it in his drooping eyes (Dr. Moulden research).

  5. Redpill1

    Why would you expect Trump to speak up during the time he was parenting his latest son.

    The question continues to be does Trump have an autistic child? I have not seen in print or heard him verbally state that. I have heard many in the anti-vaxx community say Trump has an autistic son but no confirmation from his campaign or the Trump family. If there is a confirmation from Trump himself please provide verifiable link to information. The article below posted at Age of Autism doesn’t say Trump’s son is autistic, it says the parents have altered his vaccination schedule-they still vaccinate.

    By Kim Stagliano

    Donald Trump and his beautiful (and obviously smart) wife have revised the AAP vaccine schedule for their son, Baron. I wonder how many peds tossed him/his wife out on their behinds when they asked for a change in the vax schedule as has happened to so many of us?

    I’d hazard a guess that a large part of Trump’s financial success comes from his ability to correctly assess risks and benefits, wouldn’t you? Looks like he’s done that for his child’s health too. Bravo!

    Again, from the Sun Sentinel. This time from their BLOG. Head over to leave a comment there, won’t you? I’m sure the naysayers will be out in force. Here’s the text:

    “The Donald is no stranger to strong opinions, whether he’s trading barbed comments on network television with Rosie O’Donnell or dispatching the latest contestant on The Apprentice.

    In an interview with Palm Beach Politics, Donald Trump offered a controversial opinion on a new topic: autism.

    The New York-Palm Beach real estate mogul is no doctor, but he said he thinks the rising prevalence of autism is related to vaccinations given to children at a young age.

    Autism now affects 1 in 150 children, a sharp increase from a few decades ago.

    But whether vaccinations have anything to do with it is passionately debated, and many dismiss the notion as a conspiracy theory.

    “When I was growing up, autism wasn’t really a factor,” Trump said. “And now all of a sudden, it’s an epidemic. Everybody has their theory. My theory, and I study it because I have young children, my theory is the shots. We’ve giving these massive injections at one time, and I really think it does something to the children.”

    He made the comments following a press conference at his Mar-A-Lago estate announcing a fundraising and lobbying push by Autism Speaks to get the brain disorder covered under private insurance policies.

    Amid Mar-A-Lago’s perfectly trimmed lawns and blossoming bougainvillea bushes, the press conference was held in typical Trump style: in a gold-trimmed ballroom, as moneyed guests at his waterfront compound splashed in an adjacent pool.

    Here’s more of what Trump had to say about autism and vaccinations:

    “When a little baby that weighs 20 pounds and 30 pounds gets pumped with 10 and 20 shots at one time, with one injection that’s a giant injection, I personally think that has something to do with it. Now there’s a group that agrees with that and there’s a group that doesn’t agree with that.” (A of A Managing Editor’s note, Donald! That’s Autism Speaks! Kick them out of your house!)

    Referring to his and his wife Melania’s 22-month-old son Baron, Trump continued: “What we’ve done with Baron, we’ve taken him on a very slow process. He gets one shot at a time then we wait a few months and give him another shot, the old-fashioned way. But today they pump the children with so much at a very young age. We do it on a very, very conservative level.”

    “Why would you expect Trump to speak up during the time he was parenting his latest son.”
    Yes, I would expect him to take time to speak up-especially if his son is autistic…why not? Because there is no proof that his son Baron, is autistic. He also won’t step over that line again because of the backlash he received from the establishment. Regardless of what people think, he is part of the establishment. How do you think he became a billionaire? releasing his tax records will confirm what many suspect-he’s talking out both side of his mouth. As to parenting, from this interview he gave, Trump isn’t actually parenting any of his children so I would expect more from him-because he’s left the parenting to his wives:
    -On Having More Children With Melania Trump
    “Cause I like kids,” he told the radio host Howard Stern in 2005. “I mean, I won’t do anything to take care of them. I’ll supply funds and she’ll take care of the kids. It’s not like I’m gonna be walking the kids down Central Park.”
    Donald Trump’s Trail of Comments About Women

    Misogynistic and and could be an absentee parent. Still, I find no article that confirm that Trump’s youngest child is autistic. It’s a monumental leap from making the statement about alternating their child’s’ vaccine schedule because he believes vaccines cause autism to assuming he’s done that because the child is autistic. Ask yourself this: if the child is autistic and Trump firmly believes vaccines caused his autism, if the child was indeed autistic, why would Trump continue to vaccinate? What proof does he have that altering the schedule will eliminate or reduce any risk? If his child was autistic, why would he take any risk? Remember Trump statement in Scientific America: Trump Favors Vaccines. This doesn’t sound like a person who is going to change the status quo. He says spread the shots out like he and his wife did.

  6. Ronnia

    Donald Trump is an aspie. He has aspergers. High functioning. This is why he has no filter. No social boundaries. He says things he doesn’t do, but thinks that’s what someone else wants to hear, so he can “fit in.” David Brooks, from the New York Times, is a liar and a fraud. Brooks hides behind his reporter title to play “doctor.” Brooks had the temerity to insinuate that Trump was a narcissist, yet Brooks has NO EVIDENCE and isn’t a psychiatrist, so whatever he says about Trump, is his own BIAS opinion. Brooks is yet another WEAK man whom no woman, in her right mind, would want to associate with. On the otherhand, women like strong, aggressive men like Trump. Men who would grab us, toss on on the bed, grab our p^%$Y. Granted, this should be done with taste. Donald certainly messed up when he showed no respect for a married woman. But then again, Hillary’s husband, Bill, who would be living in white house again, if she’s elected, didn’t care about his marriage either. VOTE TRUMP. TRUMP is the only one who can bring change. REAL change.

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