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  2. Jeffrey

    Sorry, I don’t buy this “Snowden the super patriot” nonsense. Like Wiki-leak kicking off this bogus “Arab Spring” Snowden is another CIA/Mossad/Zionist operation designed to weaken the Obama administration and force an attack on Syria and Iran. WWIII if you like.

    Neither one of these characters has ever leaked anything of importance like what was behind the JFK assassination or The pentagon Papers or 9/11 or said anything uncomplimentary about the UK, France or, of course, Israel.

  3. sstorch

    As ususal ‘Jeffrey’, the occupant of the white house is the CIA/Mossad/Zionist operator. O’bama has done a good enough job on his own weakening the Obama administration. An attack on Syria and Iran would make these sleaze bags salivate… WWIII if you like. That is what i think.

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