Autism: Dateline 2006: Mercury Causes Autism because of inability to detox (Cytochrome P450)

This 2006 video points to the inability to detox mercury and dependent on the individual’s ability to detox (cytochrome P450 is inhibited by Mercury)


VLA COMMENT: This is a 2006 video when Autism was said to be 1 in 175. Now in 2015 it is 1 in 50.

Cytochrome P450 2D6:  Vaccines interference in detox.  10% of Caucasians cannot detox because,  due to genetic variation,  they are non metabolisers.   read more…

Chelation Regimen

A.L.A. (alpha lipoic acid — 300 mg. per 100 lbs.)
Cilantro (supplement 100 mg. per 50 lbs. of weight)
NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine — 400 mg. per 50 lbs.)
B complex vitamins
5-HTP (Never exceed 100 mg., and do not take alongside anti-depressants.)
DMSA (3x/day, at 10 mg. per kg. of body weight, taken in pill form. 1 lbs. = 0.45 kg.)
Regular exercise

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