ZERO U.S. Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported


With the measles and measles vaccine debate reaching a near frenzy on the Internet, it is always nice to throw some cold hard facts on the firestorm currently raging in the measles debate.

So here are some easily verifiable facts regarding deaths due to measles in the United States for the past 10 years, and deaths due to measles vaccines during the same 10 year period.

There has been almost 200 measles vaccine deaths reported in the government’s own VAERS data bank, which is 90% under reported because physicians don’t want to record that their vaccine protocol is causing these deaths…”Oh it can’t be the vaccines”.  It might be worth mentioning that Dr. Wakefield and others have found the vaccine strain measles virus in the guts of Autistic children.  These conditions are not reported.  Read more…

4 thoughts on “ZERO U.S. Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported

  1. Maria Bradshaw, MD MPH

    Of course there were zero deaths from Measles in the past BECAUSE >95% were vaccinated causing herd immunity, you dimwit. It proves vaccinations work! How many WOULD have died from Measles if the population was not vaccinated? Obviously you are short in logical thinking abilities.
    You are criminally endangering those who cannot be immunized for for medical reasons because of their immune disorders (leukemia, chemo, etc) and depend on herd immunity to protect them.
    I do wish you scientifically incompetent laypeople would stop proselytizing your pseudo science as you are a danger to society.

  2. Editor Post author

    Might you know why cancer is the leading cause of childhood deaths. Excuse me…tweedily dee… I bet you the compromised children received all their scheduled wonder why they are immunocompromised. And I bet you didn’t know this:

    I will list just a few of the studies confirming the scientific link between vaccines and cancer:

    Albonico et al found that adults are significantly protected against non-breast cancers — genital, prostate, gastrointestinal, skin, lung, ear-nose-throat, and others — if they contracted measles (odds ratio, OR = 0.45), rubella (OR = 0.38) or chickenpox (OR = 0.62) earlier in life. [Med Hypotheses 1998; 51(4): 315-20].

    Montella et al found that contracting measles in childhood reduces the risk of developing lymphatic cancer in adulthood [Leuk Res 2006; 30(8): 917-22].

    Alexander et al found that infection with measles during childhood is significantly protective — it cuts the risk in half — against developing Hodgkin’s disease (OR = 0.53) [Br J Cancer 2000; 82(5): 1117-21].

    Glaser et al also found that lymph cancer is significantly more likely in adults who were not infected with measles, mumps or rubella in childhood [In J Cancer 2005; 115(4): 599-605].

    Gilham et al found that infants with the least exposure to common infections have the greatest risk of developing childhood leukemia [BMJ 2005; 330: 1294].

    Urayama et al also found that early exposure to infections is protective against leukemia [Int J Cancer 2011; 128(7): 1632-43].

    In the world of science, it is quite well known that having infections in early life protects against various cancers in later life. Later born children have less cancer than first born children because they are exposed to more infections in early life from their siblings. Children that go to daycare in early life are more protected against cancers for the same reason. Vaccinations denied babies opportunities to become naturally infected, and with this reduction in exposure to disease there was a tradeoff — increased rates of cancer.

  3. Maria Bradshaw, MD MPH

    The Autism rumor was debunked and the physician who was a proponent of the study was found to be a fraud and as a result lost his medical license.
    As for live attenuated virus vaccine – attenuated means the vaccine virus has been altered to a more benign form so it DOES NOT cause measles outbreaks. The only precaution given is for the vaccinated child to avoid contact (mainly bodily fluids) with immune compromised patients, who is not vaccinated by live [attenuated] virus in the remote chance, theoretically, they could contract the disease.
    Measles epidemics are from the regular Measles virus strain, not the attenuated virus found in vaccines, found in nature which not only causes Measles but can be lethal cause death.
    Large numbers of vaccinated people act as a firewall that prevent the disease from spreading to those who are vulnerable. The vaccinated protect the unvaccinated. That’s known as “herd immunity.” Your children are protected because others vacate their kids; thank those parents for protecting your unvaccinated child. However, when more idiots like you anti vaxxers increase and don’t vaccinate their children, herd immunity no longer can protect your unvaccinated children. By not vaccinating your children you are putting everyone at risk. Since when do you lay people think know more than us physicians that have spend 10 years post BA degree, in grueling training? Ignorance is dangerous especially when practiced by those who do to know they are ignorant.

  4. Editor Post author

    You have been brainwashed by a standardized education. Did you know that during the 2009/10 H1N1 pandemic when your holy medical cabal tested the heretfore untested H1N1 vaccine on pregnant women that there was a 4,250% increase in miscarriages and stillbirths. We published this study in the Human and Environmental Toxicology Journal in 2012. Do you know that right off the bat the massive spike occurred in the first quarter but Dr. Marie McCormick chose not to tell the nations’ Ob/gyn’s so as to save the pregnancy program. And then the CDC covered it up in collusion with AJOG and the March of Dimes and 9 other non profits. How do you feel about that? If you want the documentation and the study, let me know. Or look it up on our website by putting 4,250% in the search engine. Did you know that the major detox pathway of human beings, plants and animals is Cytochrome P450 2D6 which is “maturing” and that infants are unable to throw off the vaccine toxins which equate to 53 vaccine doses by the tender age of six…4 (TDap and Flu without regard to mercury content) in-utero. Did you know that 10″ of caucasians don’t have the activity of Cytochrome P450 2D6 and that over 50% of todays drugs are metabolized by Cytochrome P450 2D6. Did you know that this accounts for the school shootings and bizarre homicides and epidemic of suicides. You can put in PSYCHOTIC IN OUR SEARCH ENGINE…GO TO THE POST “WHAT IS MAKING OUR KIDS AND SOLDIERS PSYCHOTIC” and read the “layman’s version” so you can understand it given your narrow parameters.

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