Before vaccination, measles infection amounted to nothing much! Everyone got it!

When we got measles, we considered it part of growing up.  We got life long immunity as is Nature’s plan to build up and strengthen the immune system by gradually dealing with infectious viruses. Vaccines have interfered in this natural process and propaganda has created a virulent fear of such a simplistic experience.  Unfortunately, the more vaccines kids get the less able they are to participate in nature’s way.  As Dr. Bart Classen (former NIH researcher).

“We have not improved health.  We have changed the disease “mix”.  We have exchanged infectious disease for life long chronic illness”….Dr. Bart Classen (former NIH researcher).
It is to be noted that Pediatricians have gone on record to say measles poses no risks to healthy children and is ultimately a benign disease.  Read more of MEASLES BACK IN THE DAY…

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