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DNA HARVEST: 30 Cities set up Roadblocks to swab citizens for DNA (this is not a joke)


Federal Contractors Set Up Roadblocks in 30 U.S. Cities to Harvest DNA Samples

Federal contractors have been setting up roadblocks in cities across the country with the purpose of collecting DNA samples from passing motorists.  The multi-million dollar federal program has been disturbing drivers and alarming civil libertarians.

The checkpoints consist of uniformed agents blocking a public road and flagging drivers into a testing area or a parking lot.   There, the drivers are requested to submit a saliva or blood sample to the federal government.

The roadblocks were part of a study orchestrated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  The agency contracted the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, based in Calverton, MD, to perform the roadblocks.  The program costs taxpayers $7.9 million over 3 years, according to NBC News Dallas-Fort Worth.

The agency confirmed that the operation is currently being launched in 30 different U.S. cities.

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Vaccines with Fetal Cells, the Implications in Autism Spectrum


Dr. Theresa Deisher

Human fetal DNA introduced with vaccines may be taken up via cellular DNA uptake receptors or may spontaneously penetrate cell membranes that have become permeable during inflammatory reactions, study says.

A trio of recent publications in the journal NEURON reports the presence of hundreds of diverse de novo gene mutations indicating that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may be a disease of genomic instability, with a significant environmental component.  Altered double strand break formation and repair pathways (DSB) may be a commonality among the diverse genetic mutations that have been documented in ASD.  US birthyear changepoints in AD are apparent in 1980, 1988 and 1996, coinciding with the switch to or introduction of childhood vaccines contaminated with human endogenous retrovirus K (HERVK) and human fetal DNA fragments.  The HERVK and human fetal DNA contaminants could contribute to the genomic instability of ASD demonstrated by de novo mutations.   Read more…