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NIH (Fauci’s NIAID agency) pockets $400 million dollars in “royalties” due to the Bayh/Doyle Act (2005)


NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID )  FAUCI’S AGENCY is to receive a “catch-up” non-refundable royalty in the amount of $400 million from Moderna for the use of its molecular technique. The molecular technique aims to stabilize the SARS-COV2 spike protein in order to create a strong immune response in vaccine recipients. The spike protein technology is jointly owned by the NIH and Dartmouth University’s Geisel School of Medicine, and both are named in the contract along with Moderna.5 6

The collaboration between NIH and Moderna in the development of Spikevax is another example of the lucrative public-private business partnership between the U.S. government and pharmaceutical companies.18 19 20

VLA COMMENT: Not mentioned in the article is that this collusion is a result of the UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OF Bayh-Dole Act of Congress…

At the time, the gospel of the U.S. government, or at least of the longtime Democratic majority in Congress, was that if the government paid for it, the taxpayers owned it. That was the thinking that drove some of the nation’s proudest achievements–the splitting of the atom, the development of antibiotics, the moon shot, and the nuclear Navy. Bayh sought to turn that policy on its head, essentially giving away all this taxpayer property for free–and, some worried, creating potentially thousands of new private monopolies in the process.



Dr. Martin Pall-Presentation to National Institute of Health – “5G Rollout is Absolutely Insane”

During the “Health in Buildings Roundtable” sponsored by the NIH & co-organized by the US CDC and several other organizations, Dr. Martin Pall from the Washington State University (WSU) concluded that the “5G rollout is absolutely insane”

Congress Investigating Funding Sources for CDC & NIH


A key congressional spending panel has fired a shot across the bow of two federally chartered medical foundations, warning them that the way they disclose information about donors may not pass muster. It’s the latest controversy involving the traditionally low-profile foundations, which over the past quarter-century have funneled nearly $2 billion to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for research, clinical trials, training, and educational programs. When Congress created the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health and the CDC Foundation in the early 1990s to raise private funds to support federal biomedical and health research, it ordered them to report “the source and amount of all gifts” they receive, as well as any restrictions on how the donations could be used. But legislators on the House of Representatives appropriations subcommittee that oversees NIH and CDC are worried the foundations may not be following those rules.