Q: Who pays for the metabolic validation test?
PGx: Metabolic Validation (Pharmacogenomics) is available to patients/residents with any of the following coverages:

Medicare B (100% covered) PGx Medical does not balane bill and there is no co-pay.
Medicaid is available in select states (100% covered) PGx Medical does not balance bill and there is no co-pay in select states.
Private Insurance. We believe that every patient should have access to the Metabolic Validation testing. So with the PGx Medical MVT, you are eligible for our Financial Assistance Program.

Q: How do I get tested?
PGx: A doctor must order the metabolic validation test. If your home, clinic or family physician isn’t already testing patients, just tell them you would like to request it and they can request test kits at or call us 405-509-5112. We’ll be happy to coordinate everything for them.


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