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Under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (“1986 Law”), Congress created an administrative forum that gave the program original jurisdiction for all vaccine injury claims.  That is you can’t sue the vaccine manufacturer…you must go to this government-administered court instead. Starting in 2002 nearly five thousand families filed petitions with the VICP claiming that vaccines had caused Autism in their children.  They were summarily dismissed in one omnibus proceeding.  However, they continued to compensate claims that articulated the same symptoms but identified them by different labels, such as encephalopathyand residual seizure disorders.

THE QUESTION THE REVIEW ASKS: Are the cases of “autism” that the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) rejected really different from the cases of “encephalopathy” and “residual seizure disorder” that the VICP has compensated before and since? Is it possible the VICP rejected cases of “autism” because of the hot- button label and not because of real differences in injuries or evidence?  DOWNLOAD PACE LAW SCHOOL REVIEW


Contract ruling Supreme Court: Can’t sue providers because of small print.

April, 2011: In AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion the Court held that corporations can ban consumers’ rights to take corporations to court, individually or in class actions, through arbitration clauses in consumer contracts.

Virtually every consumer contract we enter into contains buried within it a term saying that by signing the contract we agree to settle all disputes in arbitration and do not have a right to band our claims together in court in a class action.  Read article…

Miller/Goldman: Link found relating to vaccines and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Read study…This peer reviewed study by Neil Miller and Gary Goldman links infant mortality and vaccines. It includes a substantial section on Sudden Infant Death. Isn’t it preposterous that the medical community tells us myths like not to put our newborns on their stomachs or they may die; or that jostling a baby causes sudden infant death? How many Shaking Baby Syndroms occurred when the Indians went out to work juggling their babies on their backs?  And how about this one…Autism happens in children conceived by older fathers?  They must think most of humanity are fools. But since many believe the establishment propaganda…they are right, we are fools to believe such rubbish!

Peter Konstantinov Deunov: READ 1944 PROPHECY

Peter Konstantinov Deunov (aka Beinsa Douno) was born in 1864 and grew up in the Ottoman Empire (now Bulgaria). In 1888 he traveled to America where he studied theology and medicine for seven years. On return to Bulgaria he refused to become a Methodist or Theosophic preacher, positions that were freely offered to him.

Some days before his departure from this planet in December 1944, he is said to have been in a profound mediumistic trance and made this extraordinary prophecy.  READ 1944 PROPHECY…