10 thoughts on “Putin speaks on CSPAN: “What would America do?” MUST WATCH!!!!!! MUST WATCH!!!!

  1. Grace

    Simply solution: end NATO. The cost to the public of this military gang operation needs to be dismantled.

  2. Eleonora Murnaghan

    I now understand….and in a strange way it is very true that NATO is happy to dismantle countries; They’ve done that for Former Yugoslavia ( I’m a former Yugoslavian, Romanian nationality from Serbia ) ; NATO / West doesn’t like to see other countries getting strong as it’s in they’re interest for them to be weak; If they hadn’t interfered in Former Yugoslavia it wouldn’t have been as terrible as it was….


    I remember the borders of NATO had been expanded very much since 1990s when the Berlin wall was demolished. EUROPEAN UNION AND NATO, NEEDS TO BE DISMANTLED. NO NEED OF THEM FOR WHO LOVES PEACE.

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  5. gordon s

    The current conflict could have been easily avoided. Ukraine neutrality would have satisfied Russia. Sometimes I think US wanted this war as It served multiple purposes, distracting attention from 1) impending financial collapse, 2) disastrous response to Covid, 3) its agenda to implement a financial reset via CBDC, and 4) weaken Russia militarily

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