Autism/Aspergers and Transcendental Meditation…”I will send a comforter”


You can see Joey and his mother practicing TM together

Can the Transcendental Meditation technique help those with ASD?  Joey Lowenstein is among a growing number of children with ASD that are learning the Transcendental Meditation technique, and who are finding that the daily practice of the TM technique significantly reduces their level of stress and improves the quality of their lives.  Go to link


2 thoughts on “Autism/Aspergers and Transcendental Meditation…”I will send a comforter”

  1. JFTLera

    There is nothing wrong with being born autistic. It isn’t a tragedy it isn’t something to be cured, it’s something to be supported and treated fairly and given the maximum supports necessary based on who they are from BIRTH. Yes, it’s genetic. And yes, it may be rooted in a neurotrasmitter dysfunction, such as GABA B receptor dysfunction, but that doesn’t mean persons with autism are mentally ill or have to be treated with disrespect. People with autism are special. They are unique humans that often have hidden talents and gifts that are often overlooked by medical and social workers as being a disorder, when really they are people who are extremely intelligent and need extra supports and help through life to hep them reach their maximum potential. Whether they are low functioning or high functioning we are all part of the spectrum and in fact the higher functioning autistic people or people with aspergers are the ones who can be the greatest advocates for the autistics who can’t speak for themselves, as they give us insight into the world of non verbal autism. Respect them! Listen to them! They are a guide into this hidden world! And yes, the researchers digging for more understanding also need respect and FUNDING. We need to help all of the people with autism, especially those who can’t talk and are silently crying out for help. HF autistic people, please KEEP SPEAKING out for your low functioning brethen! They are depending on you!

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