4 thoughts on “Farrakhan’s Message on California SB277 compulsory vaccines (june, 2015)

  1. Dee Nicholson

    Canadians like me have plenty to fear when it comes to SB277 and its implications. What now? Vaccine checkpoints on the California borders? And if the legislation gets copied, what then? Vaccination checks at the national border? Now you know we couldn’t have that, could we…. Canadians couldn’t travel to the US without their vaccination certificates, so our government, which is bound to follow, will spread the legislation north of the 49th Parallel, to facilitate things. All for our own good, doncha know.

    Be awake and aware. This legislation is a killer virus, all by itself, and is poised to infect North America. Then God help us all, they can shoot us up with whatever they want.

    Peace be unto you, Rev. Farrakhan, for fighting for your peoples’ well-being, and our own.

  2. Rabbi Happyman

    Thank you Nation Of Islam for speaking against forced vaccines.

    Where are the other two major religions? Where are the priests, ministers and rabbis of Judaism and Christianit? Why are you silent? We need you to join all who oppose this anti-human anti-god bill

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