4 thoughts on “Gardasil Girls totally destroyed by Vaccine (personal stories never heard)

  1. Arnold

    A ccording to official statistics og the SEER database. the average incidence of cervical cancer is 8.1 cases per 100,000 women. Or the chance of getting cervical cancer is .000081 per woman.
    Given that undisputed statistic the prospective benefit to women is ridiculously insignificant. Anyone recommending the Gardasil vaccine should be forcefully made to direct this tiny benefit and severe risk, even if only 8% of the women vaccinated have adverse reactions. The case is a no brainer. If the doctor still recommends it, patients are put on notice THAT DOCTOR is not someone you should trust with your health.

  2. vmv

    @Arnold: Arnold, I completely agree. Since the risk of any particular individual girl in the U.S. dying of cervical cancer is very small, it amounts to criminal negligence to vaccinate every girl and put her at risk of an adverse reaction. I can only conclude that the motive is profit for the doctors and vaccine manufacturers–or even more disturbing, population control. I have read that polysorbate 80 (also called “tween 80”, one of the ingredients in Gardasil, causes infertility in lab mice.
    Furthermore, it is not preteens or even teens who develop cervical cancer, it is women in their forties, and cervical cancer deaths occur among women in their fifties. The length of time that the vaccine is effective is not known–it could be only up to five years. That means if a 9 year old receives the Gardasil vaccine, by the time she is 14 or 15, it may no longer be effective. How many 9 or even 12 year olds are having sex? On the other hand, if a girl or woman already has the HPV virus, I’ve read that the vaccine actually increases her chance of developing cancer.
    It is not HPV alone that causes cancer (which we are led to believe). Most cases of HPV clear up on their own. There are co-factors, such as smoking, poor nutrition, a poor immune system, and having given birth multiple times, which increase the chances that HPV will lead eventually to cancer.
    Girls and their parents have been mislead by being made to feel that without the HPV vaccine, they are at risk of getting cervical cancer–when the risk is actually very small.

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