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FOX NEWS shows Clinton’s media buy-Autistic Mom against Trump

FOX News, during today’s (Weds) FIVE show just showed a big media buy by Hillary Clinton.  One of the featured spots (actually the only one FIVE showed) was a mother of an Autistic child.  Featuring the Autistic child the mother says she won’t vote for Trump because he said some bad thing about the disabled.

If you are going to jump into this window with any contacts you may have with FOX news of Trump…you have to jump fast.

Here is a window to supporters of Trump and FOX news to spin off the commercial spot and show that…on the contrary…Trump questions vaccines…and moreover in specific to that mother and Hillary…contradict them…Trump thinks VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM and the decades worth of controversy over the safety of vaccines should be investigated especially in light of the Wakefield/Hooker/Thompson findings of fraud at the CDC.

Trump v P2(1)

Fox news can edit this and use Trump’s and Carsen’s  Autism/vaccine statements as well as interviews with the VAXXED team if you have contact with TRUMP.  At least get some traction on Breitbart.com.

Trump Wakefield: 


  (Too bad no one showed this 8 min. video below to ROBERT DE NIRO as the media is broadcast his rant against Trump.  Does he know that the Trump Team, if elected would investigate the cause of his son’s Autism?)


And here is a 60 sec spot (not funded for a commercial buy) but available on Clinton’s pay for play mandate of the untested Anthrax vaccine for the military servicemen.

What is not mentioned is that its was the late and former Joint Chief of Staff, Admiral William Crowe, the Carlylse group (Bush)*, the Bin Laden family and Fuad El-Hibre that owns the only anthrax vaccine manufacturer (bioport)

*The financial assets of the Saudi Binladen Corporation (SBC) are also managed by the Carlyle Group.