Breaking News: STUDY (2017) Highest Amt. of Aluminium in Autism Brain Tissue Ever Measured

Using a transversely heated graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry to measure, for the first time, the aluminium content of brain tissue from donors with a diagnosis of autism. We have also used an aluminium-selective fluor to identify aluminium in brain tissue using fluorescence microscopy.

We recorded some of the highest values for brain aluminium content ever measured
in healthy or diseased tissues in these male ASDdonors including values of 17.10, 18.57 and 22.11 g/g dry wt. (Table 1)

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3 thoughts on “Breaking News: STUDY (2017) Highest Amt. of Aluminium in Autism Brain Tissue Ever Measured

  1. Neeltje

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    Thanks greetz Neeltje

  2. Tom Petrie

    How can something have 21.1 grams per gram of weight? In other words, how can something contain 21x more than it weighs?

    This is careless writing. You meant to say micrograms (mcg or ug) Wow, a mistake of a million-fold difference.

  3. Editor Post author

    Tom…this study is accurate…I looked to see if I made a comment that was wrong. But if this data is in the study it is absolutely correct or I would have heard and I know the gal that works with the authors.

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